Eagle’s ‘Quality Assured’ Brand Promise Strengthened with New US Channel Partners

September 23, 2013

Advanced MDX technology also showcased at PACK EXPO 2013

 Tampa, Florida, September 23, 2013 – Six new expert Channel Partners announced at PACK EXPO 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada (September 23 – 25, 2013), will boost Eagle Product Inspection’s US sales and service network, providing increased local product inspection support for food manufacturers around the country. Eagle’s pioneering dual energy x-ray technology ‘Material Discrimination X-ray’ (MDX) – ideal for detecting and removing contaminants in mid-sized, packed products with complex density levels such as pre-packed salads, snack items and frozen vegetables – is a star attraction on the company’s booth (#615), through the presence of the Eagle™ Pack 430 system.

“Consumers are more knowledgeable about food safety issues than they ever have been, and participants throughout the food supply chain must take every opportunity to ensure that food products are thoroughly checked for foreign bodies before they reach the market,” said Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit Manager, Eagle Product Inspection.

“At Eagle our brand promise of ‘Quality Assured’ guides everything we do: from our constant technological innovation that makes cutting-edge developments such as MDX possible, through to our selection of the very best Channel Partners around. These are partners that we trust to be our quick response regional contact for food manufacturers across the US, and that we know will take the promise of those words ‘Quality Assured’ as their own guiding light.”

The new Channel Partners have been selected for their expertise and experience in the packaging and product inspection industries. Each has been delivering first class professional services for 15 to 20 years in these industries, and also has the necessary integration skills to give customers a complete turn-key system beyond just x-ray equipment. They can react quickly to food manufacturers’ needs, and provide a local point of face-to-face contact. Eagle Product Inspection now has ten such strategically-located partners in North America, including one in Canada. Further appointments of Channel Partners covering the Central/Midwest region could also soon be made.

The new Channel Partners are:

Lakey Packaging

Territory: Southwest (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)

Main Contact: Bob Lakey


Mid-State Sales & Service

Territory: Midwest (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)

Main Contact: Jim Burdick

Package Automation Company

Territory: Northeast (Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia)

Main Contact: Dan Coakley


PMMR, Inc.

Territory: Southeast (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee)

Main Contact: George Richardson

Solid Design Southeast, Inc.

Territory: Southeast (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia)

Main Contact: John Reinecke


Vogel Sales Engineering

Territory: West Coast (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada)

Main Contact: Steve Rocca


Steve Rocca of Vogel Sales Engineering said it was an exciting time to partner with Eagle Product Inspection: “We are proud and honored to be chosen by Eagle. Its x-ray and fat analysis technology leads the way in this industry and we look forward to helping food manufacturers to integrate this technology and new developments still to come into their production lines. It is important for customers to know that our commitment to the ‘Quality Assured’ promise is as strong as that of Eagle Product Inspection.”

ABM has been a channel partner and distributor for Eagle for 13 years. John Cassa of ABM commented: “Working with Eagle has been tremendous for us and for our clients, who know they will benefit from the best equipment and expertise available in the market. MDX is an amazing breakthrough technology in a real area of need. High quality food for consumers and peace of mind for food manufacturers go hand in hand, and MDX will ensure precisely that.”

On the PACK EXPO 2013 booth

Two machines providing detection and automatic rejection of foreign body contaminants, such as glass slivers, plastics and calcified bones or rocks, are shown on the Eagle Product Inspection booth at PACK EXPO 2013. The Eagle™ Pack 430 system featuring MDX technology is designed to inspect products with complex density levels as they cause crowded or blurred x-ray pictures, making contaminants difficult to detect. MDX can solve this problem as it uses two energy spectrums and a dual-layer detector to filter materials by their chemical composition, leaving a clear high-definition image that shows density difference based on chemical composition. This means that food manufacturers can ensure complete product safety regardless of content, packaging type and format, thereby safeguarding the consumer and upholding brand reputation.

The Eagle™ Pack 240 developed for the inspection of flow-wrap lines, blister packs and small packaged items is also showcased at PACK EXPO 2013. The x-ray system furnished with a new 0.4 mm detector option can inspect up to 400 products per minute, facilitating multiple production lanes and analyzing the results with improved software algorithms.

In support of this technology, Eagle will also be distributing its new White Paper – “How to Detect Previously Undetectable Contaminants” – at PACK EXPO 2013, and will be showing a video on this subject on three TV screens on the booth.

Eagle’s Strategic Business Unit Manager Kyle Thomas concluded: “Advancements such as MDX are indicative of Eagle’s commitment to innovation and customer-driven product development. We have recently opened new state-of-the-art research and development centers in the US and in Germany, and we will continue to break new ground to help our customers provide top quality food products. In MDX, here at PACK EXPO 2013 we present the next innovative step.”