Eagle Product Inspection

If you’re looking to minimise the risk of product recalls, protect your brand’s integrity and ensure consumer safety, you’ve come to the right place.

Eagle offers reliable and technically advanced product inspection solutions that combine industry expertise and a long-standing reputation for quality.

Our wide range of market-leading x-ray inspection equipment, predominantly for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, is enhancing physical contamination detection and quality inspection capabilities worldwide.

With Eagle your product inspection is quality assured.

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Fat Analysis

Eagle’s DEXA technology is leading the way in advanced fat/meat analysis.

Our Fat Analysis (FA) systems provide food manufacturers a non-invasive method of measuring the fat content of meat and are capable of inspecting 100% of throughput in real time and producing chemical lean (CL) values within +/- 1CL.

By enabling tighter production control, the use of an Eagle FA system to analyze fat content affords meat processors a high degree of flexibility in fat management and can help to eliminate lean giveaway and fat claims.

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X-ray Inspection

Eagle’s world-class x-ray inspection systems are multi-tasking defenders of product safety and brand quality.

Our equipment offers unrivalled x-ray detection capabilities for dense physical contaminants –  including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stone, high-density plastic and rubber compounds and calcified bone – regardless of their size, shape or location within a product, or the type of packaging.

In addition, our x-ray systems are capable of simultaneous quality checks, increasing productivity by inspecting fill levels and seals and measuring mass.

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MDX Technology

Eagle’s x-ray innovation ensures detection of historically undetectable inorganic contaminants.

Our Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology enhances traditional x-ray inspection and affords food processors heretofore unprecedented contamination detection capabilities.

The ability of MDX to discriminate foreign objects by their chemical composition enables the detection of historically undetectable physical contaminants, including stones, flat glass, bone, rubber and some plastics.

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Eagle Product Inspection Solutions

Eagle Product Inspection delivers continuous protection of your products to safeguard your brand reputation and customers’ wellbeing. Our long history of designing and supporting reliable product inspection solutions for the food industry gives us a unique depth of market and application knowledge, enabling us to develop comprehensive inspection technologies to suit your production needs and facilitate compliance with international and local food safety standards.

Proven, highly accurate detection levels help increase production line efficiencies and uptime, ensuring your future business success. Through our experienced global partner network, we provide trusted local experts committed to supporting you through the lifetime of your inspection equipment.

Quality. Assured. – to protect your business.

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