Eagle To Showcase Integrated Inline Meat Inspection Systems at IFFA 2016

March 7, 2016

Florida, Tampa, US, March 7, 2016Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle) will have a major presence at IFFA 2016 – the leading international trade fair for the meat industry, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 7-12 May. In collaboration with their award-winning engineering partner, SF Engineering, visitors to the Eagle stand will experience fully integrated recipe management and trimming systems with advanced x-ray inspection and fat analysis technology. Visitors will learn how product inspection can help meat processors to operate at the very highest levels of productivity, all the while remaining competitive and in line with retailers’ high specifications.

The following solutions will be on show at Hall 9.1, Stand A88:

  • Recipe management system for red meat with integrated Eagle™ FA3/M fat analysis machine with twin reject capability
  • Integrated poultry inspection system for bone detection, including trimming stations with Eagle™ Pack 400 HC x-ray inspection technology and reject facility
  • X-ray inspection machines for pumped products with Eagle™ Pipeline and  packaged products with Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO
  • Inline fat analysis and contaminant detection machine, Eagle™ FA3/B, for fresh, chilled, frozen, hot boned or mixed bulk
  • Advanced software for recipe management that supports vertical integration from production.

Safety remains the top priority in the meat industry and contaminant detection is a vital element in protecting brand integrity and, more importantly, consumer health. Eagle’s market-leading x-ray solutions can detect contaminants such as calcified bone, glass shards, metal fragments, stones and some rubber and high density plastic compounds. Systems can be placed where critical control points are identified, a vital component of a processor’s HACCP accreditation.

Slaughterhouses and meat processors are increasingly looking at ways to integrate complete solutions in order to optimize production line efficiency. By employing inline Fat Analysis (FA) technology and working with a partner who has the capacity to advise on and implement solutions under one roof, manufacturers can ensure highly accurate chemical lean (CL) and weight measurements are taken and utilized to create batches that meet target requirements. This can eliminate fat claims for slaughterhouses, for example, and enable processors to reduce inconsistencies in recipe operations. The Eagle FA3, in addition, simultaneously inspects meat for a wide range of physical contaminants.

For poultry manufacturers, integrating an x-ray machine and reject system alongside trim stations has myriad benefits. Chicken breasts, as an example, can be passed through the x-ray machine once trimmed in order to check for contaminants and bones. Should a product not pass inspection it can be rejected and sent directly to a dedicated rework station, where the item can be physically checked for contaminants and then rescanned or rejected accordingly. This enables processors to increase the efficiency of that system and to maximize profitability though reduced wastage.

Michael Stuart, Fat Analysis Product Specialist (EMEA) at Eagle, said: “This is our biggest outing to IFFA and we are excited to present our products at the meat industry’s premier show. It represents a real opportunity for those in the slaughterhouse and meat processing industries to come and see how integrated, complete solutions can maximize both productivity and profitability in their respective operations. We have a number of systems on our stand for both red meat and poultry applications, which will allow us to demonstrate further the value they can add when effectively aligned with a customer’s needs.”