Eagle to Land at interpack 2014 with Enhanced X-ray and Fat Analysis Innovations

March 5, 2014

New x-ray and fat analysis technologies are designed to meet food and meat manufacturers’ quality, reliability and production efficiency needs

 Florida, Tampa, US, March 5, 2014 – To address the quality needs of food manufacturers wishing to enhance their product inspection capabilities for complex container packages and also the meat industry’s demand for efficient multi-functional inline fat analysis systems, Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle) has designed new innovations to be showcased at interpack 2014, Dusseldorf, Germany (May 8-14, 2014) in Hall 13, Stand D12. A new high-tech inline fat analysis system for meat products will be officially launched at this year’s interpack. This new fat analysis technology combines fat and weight inspection, contaminant detection and measurement of protein and moisture values. In addition, showcased for the first time, will be Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV, a dual view x-ray system designed to detect and remove up to 50% smaller sized contaminants located in rigid and glass containers.

“Our product inspection innovations are specifically designed with Eagle’s Quality Assured message in mind. This means that we establish technologies that continuously protect food products to safeguard manufacturers’ brand reputations and customers’ wellbeing. Our long history of developing and supporting reliable x-ray and fat analysis solutions for the food and meat industry gives us a unique depth of market and application knowledge. This enables us to continually launch comprehensive inspection technologies to optimize manufacturing productivity, facilitate compliance with international and local food safety standards and ensure that our customers stay ahead of their competition,” said Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Manager, Eagle Product Inspection.

Eagle’s Quality Assured technologies at interpack 2014:

  • New Eagle Fat Analysis Technology
    • This system is specifically designed for high performance contaminant inspection and in-line fat analysis of meat products. The new product inspection technology features third generation superior sanitary design ideal for harsh wash down environments and incorporates the latest advancements in SimulTask™ software, to allow for enhanced chemical lean measurement over varying thicknesses of meat.
  • Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV
    • Designed with a single generator producing two x-ray beams, this x-ray system offers higher detection sensitivity levels than traditional x-ray systems for contaminants located in rigid and glass containers. The technology is sophisticated to inspect different sides of packages for foreign bodies for example, cans and bottles, plus examines fill-levels. The slimline x-ray machine also provides simultaneous integrity checks on high speed lines and is ideal for manufacturing facilities with limited space.

Also on display at interpack 2014, is the Eagle™ Pack 550 PRO x-ray inspection system ideal for contaminant detection and quality measurements for large and varied sized packages. Featuring Eagle™ Material Discrimination Technology (MDX), the advanced dual energy technology allows manufacturers to detect and remove contaminants, for example, glass shards, plastics, rubber, calcified bone and stones, in products with complex density levels such as pre-packed salads, snack items or frozen vegetables. This x-ray inspection system is targeted for large bags, pouches, cartons, thermoform trays and multipack container packaging.

About Eagle Product Inspection

Eagle Product Inspection is a pioneer in advanced x-ray inspection and fat analysis systems, delivering robust, market-leading technology and expertise to food and beverage processors and manufacturers around the world.  The Eagle Product Inspection line of x-ray inspection systems evaluates in process and finished products for contaminants such as metal, glass, stone and bone while also having the ability to analyze the fat content of meat, count components, check seal integrity as well as measure mass and assess fill levels.  With its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and local offices across the globe, Eagle Product Inspection machines meet today’s Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification requirements. Eagle and its partners work in close collaboration to ensure that food and beverage manufacturers and their customers in turn can rest assured that the quality of every product is upheld.