X-ray Inspection Powered by Next-Gen Software Improves Item Level Traceability and Enhances Food Safety

October 8, 2021

Eagle Product Inspection is on the move with its latest-generation TraceServer™ software that captures and records production data at every pass, connects up to 36 x-ray inspection machines at once and consolidates information and images into an easily-accessible centralized database. The tool unlocks vital information that can help and differentiate a manufacturer in an increasingly competitive and regulated marketplace.

“Through this intelligent software, manufacturers can increase their due-diligence capabilities for greater product traceability and overall quality assurance. In today’s operating environment, those goals are more crucial than ever,” said Christy Draus, Marketing Manager for Eagle Product Inspection.

From an intuitive dashboard with machine status indictors to the ability to print and export information from a centralized source, Eagle’s TraceServer™ platform is designed for optimal performance. The software is scalable to meet an operator’s unique needs and can be installed on a network server or a standalone PC.

TraceServer™ software powers a wide range of Eagle x-ray machines and is often combined with other technologies to deliver best-in-class inspection and traceability. For example, in often-challenging meat and poultry environments, the robust Eagle Pack 400 HC x-ray machine equipped with TraceServer™ software provides product tracking through every stage of production empowering companies with due-diligence capabilities to enhance product traceability and overall quality assurance‒all packed in a sanitary design. For dairy processors that likewise contend with strict sanitation requirements, Eagle’s Pack 400 HC 3-A Dairy machine is designed to meet some of the most rigorous standards in the food industry and prevents and addresses product recalls tied to potential contamination and quality issues.

“Software is a pivotal part of processors’ and manufacturers’ efforts to elevate their best traceability practices,” remarked Draus. “For safety and quality, as well as better supply chain management, software that captures data and images is driving several tangible bottom-line improvements.”