Eagle Speaks: Executive POV on Performance and X-ray Product Inspection


23 August 2018

Gauging performance is key to ongoing and ultimate success. That’s true in life – starting with academic grading systems in school – to job performance assessments and third party evaluations and on. The importance of gauging performance also applies to the equipment you use in your manufacturing facility. If a machine isn’t fully performing, neither is your line or ultimately your business.

How can you ensure that your product inspection systems, for example, are performing at peak capability? Look for advanced inspection systems, including x-ray machines that can conduct key quality and integrity checks, and that are designed with performance in mind for maximum efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership.

In addition to innovative designs and rugged construction that takes into account the variety and harshness of various operational environments, Eagle machines are rigorously and repeatedly tested to make sure they perform optimally once they are installed. This ensures the systems meet your stringent standards for productivity, hygiene and energy usage. Our equipment is also designed and evaluated to make sure it is meeting additional safety and quality standards, such as HACCP programs and GFSI requirements.

As we test our systems, we conduct key performance metrics that include assessments for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP). We design and gauge our systems to help you achieve the best OEE and TEEP status for your business.

In my position as Strategic Business Unit Manager for Eagle Product Inspection, it’s part of my job to assure that our equipment performs at the highest levels. It’s also part of my role to share my experience and Eagle’s expertise to help you get the most of your advanced inspection systems and software. As part of the new “Eagle Speaks” Docu-series kicking off this month, I am glad to be able to share what I’ve learned about performance with you on this video and on platforms which include podcasts, e-books and more. Click here for more information.

I look forward to working with you and talking to you and I encourage you to reach out to me as well at kyle.thomas@eaglepi.com.

In the meantime, I suggest learning more about how high-performing x-ray machines can improve your products, your customer satisfaction and your bottom line, through this insightful interactive e-book.

You can also read about how one company, Dure Foods, develops and packages dry powder blends in metalized foil pouches while delivering on quality and safety through high-performing inspection systems. Click here to learn more. Finally, if you’re going to PACK EXPO International in Chicago from Oct. 14-17, be sure to stop by Booth S-1721 to see performance in action, which spotlights our new EPX100 next-generation x-ray machine for packaged foods, as well as the Eagle Tall PRO XS for tall containers and the Eagle FA3/M for in-line fat measurement and contaminant detection.

About Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Manager, Eagle Product Inspection

Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Manager at Eagle Product Inspection, is responsible for the expansion of Eagle’s product portfolio to meet the demands of existing and potential customers in the food and beverage manufacturing and processing market.

Kyle brings extensive experience and a high level of business acumen to this role, developed over 30 years with Mettler-Toledo, who acquired Eagle Product Inspection in early 2011. Kyle has held senior positions in various parts of the business, most recently as Marketing Head at Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed in the United States.