Problem Solved: Deliver Five-Star Seafood with the Best X Ray Food Inspection Technology in the World

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Lobster. King Crab. Jumbo Shrimp. Chilean Sea Bass.

These are some of the most prized seafood catches served up on silver platters and fine China the world over.

The worst thing that can happen at the restaurant dinner table is sinking one’s teeth into their seafood and chomping down on a piece of metal, bone, or some object of physical contamination.

This is probably the nightmare scenario for seafood processors and manufacturers.

When someone spends top dollar on their favorite seafood, they inherently expect that extra care has been taken concerning the preparation and quality of the food.

The problem is that up until 2022, x ray food inspections for seafood were not popular in the seafood processing industry. That’s because the technology needed to conduct high-quality inspections was not available. The good news is that Eagle has answered the call for advanced x ray food inspection technology that is hand-tailored to seafood products.

Silent…But Deadly

And it could not have come at a better time.

If you want to build a seafood processing company that stands the test of time, you know that you’ve got to deliver top shelf food that is 100% free of physical contamination – every single package and every single serving.

An example of a physical contaminant commonly found in seafood include, hooks, metal, glass, unexpected bones, plastic, and other contaminants.

For instance, if you sell packaged catfish filets and consumers find bones in meat that is labeled ‘boneless,’ the trust has been broken. They will simply purchase a different brand of catfish filets and warn all their friends and family about your ‘boney’ filets.

This is how a ‘silent but deadly’ downward cycle begins with brands.

The Standard of Quality

Consumers don’t want to find bones in their salmon and seafood processors don’t want them there either because contaminants hurt brand image and trust.

To provide the highest quality seafood to consumers, seafood processors need trusted, detailed information at every inspection point to help make better, faster decisions. They need a better food quality control system. Visual inspection by a line of workers is slow, expensive and unreliable.

That’s why Eagle PI pioneered the most advanced seafood inspection systems in the seafood processing industry. Our machines help seafood manufacturers inspect more and catch more during fish processing to ensure you are delivering superior quality control in the food industry while optimizing your business performance.

Leading Competitors Fall Short

Before we dive deep into the industry’s best solution for seafood x ray food inspections, let’s look at some of the leading alternatives. Several leading brands offer x ray machines that are clunky and less robust. Their machine requires significant maintenance, which is costly and time consuming.

Plus, some companies manufacture x ray equipment that have short generator shelf life and require annual replacement. When choosing x ray food inspection equipment, it is important to consider reliability and total cost of ownership (TCO). Eagle has been producing x-ray equipment for harsh food processing environments for over 20 years.

We make hygienic machines for harsh washdown and corrosive environments. Eagle x-ray generators have advanced features like internal diagnostics and self-monitoring. They also provide dynamic power adjustment tailoring the power settings for each product. All of this results in extended generator life. Typically, our clients enjoy generator shelf life in the range of 3-5 years in high usage applications – and considerably longer shelf life in low volume installations.

This is a critical consideration because downtime and generator replacements are costly at $30,000 or more. Don’t invest in some other machine that might require a new generator every year.

If your company had to replace the Eagle x ray generator in, say, four years, that would save you approximately $90,000 – $150,000, just by choosing Eagle!

Eagle X Ray Offers Hygienic, Easy-to-Clean Machines

Another consideration with some brands is hygiene. Some companies make x ray food inspection machines that are not hygienic or easy to clean. This means that they design machines that collect contaminants and germs and require cumbersome cleaning to remain hygienic. This translates into more time for cleaning and less time producing.

Eagle machines, for instance, our Pack 400 HC x-ray inspection system, can help seafood manufacturers increase operational and energy efficiencies of their production lines, while meeting the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.

The Pack 400 HC’s design reduces the time required to perform cleaning procedures, with interlocked, hinged louvers that can easily be operated and lifted, reducing the time dedicated to reassembly after cleaning. The system also includes a conveyor belt designed for easy removal, which reduces downtime during production line changeovers or after product spillages. The Pack 400 HC’s design includes welded, thick stainless steel plates rather than traditional bolted plates, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. In fact, you can take apart and put Eagle machines back together with your bare hands – no screwdrivers or tools necessary!

With less time and labor spent on cleaning and reassembly of equipment, manufacturers are able to maximize overall productivity.

And these benefits just cover the physical design and construction of Eagle x ray food inspection solutions for seafood and other food processing industries. Now, let’s take a look at the technology.

The Solution: PXT™ Detector Technologies

The technology of Eagle x ray machines are head-and-shoulders above the alternatives. The secret sauce lies in the enhanced dual energy PXT™ detector technologies designed by Eagle.

Launched in 2020, PXT™ detection technology is a modern marvel in the x ray food inspection industry. It enables processors to capture much higher resolution images and detailed data about the product being inspected than has previously been possible. When these images are instantly processed, you’ll see an increase in detection accuracy and significantly reduced false reject rates.

PXT™ detection technology provides superior bone detection down to 1 mm in many applications and it detects fish bones down to .5 mm! It also delivers enhanced metal detection and significantly reduced false rejects.

PXT™ detection technology and SimulTask™ PRO are built into Eagle x ray food inspection machines. These two powerful technologies deliver the industry’s highest level of inline, automated bone and metal detection, while simultaneously performing product quality and integrity checks.

Download BROCHURE: Advanced Seafood Inspection Solutions

Catch and Remove Contaminants in Seafood

Keeping your products safe from potential hazards and preventing recalls is essential during fish processing. Eagle x-ray food inspection systems catch and remove contaminants on the fish production line before they pose problems. Our advanced seafood processing solutions reliably detect fish bones and other foreign bodies across a wide variety of seafood applications.

Case in point, PXT™ detection technology is now being used to find clam shells in clam meat, whether they are being pumped through a pipe or packed in a can. Lobster processors need not worry about selling lobster with shells lumped in with the meat because PXT™ detects and alerts personnel of this product defect. This technology also detects misplaced metal in a can of tuna.

Eagle x-ray devices equipped with PXT™ technology can be run at stand-alone critical control points or networked to enable full process optimization and efficiency analysis.


With Eagle x ray food inspection solutions in your seafood processing operation, you will ensure premium quality food, free from contaminants, while saving maintenance and cleaning time. This means less downtime, more productivity, consistent quality, and a trustworthy brand name that stands the test of time.

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