X-ray Inspection Enhances Food Safety for Wild Blueberry Processor

The Challenge

Quebec Wild Blueberries has been a world leader in the research and distribution of blueberries since 1984. In their pursuit of boasting both ISO 90001:2000 and HACCP food safety certifications, the company searched for food inspection equipment with the following requirements:

  • Reliable foreign object detection and removal of small glass shards, metal fragment and mineral stones
  • High-performance results while operating in a cold environment
  • Ease of cleaning for daily harsh wash down environments

The Solution

The Eagle Pack 400 HC, with its robust construction and IP69 rating, was the perfect solution to address all of this company’s needs for x-ray inspection of blueberries. This food inspection equipment is capable of performing foreign object detection as well as other quality assurance checks simultaneously. Additionally, it is not affected by thaw or freeze conditions, and its simple tool-less belt removal and interlocked hinged louvers makes it the ideal choice to ensure the highest food safety for blueberry processors.