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Trust. That’s the number one secret to building a brand that stands the test of time. People do business with brands they can rely on. Brands they trust. The key to becoming a trustworthy brand is to deliver consistent product experiences that contain the ingredients, components, and/or pieces that are advertised – and nothing more. With widely publicized cases of food contamination that have dominated news cycles, in just the past several years, food manufacturers know how critical food quality control is to building and keeping the trust of consumers.

When a story hits news outlets all over the country about recalls happening due to foreign objects and contaminants being found in food products, it’s a bad day for the brands that are responsible. These scenarios are the worst nightmare of food makers, and especially of the management teams who are in charge of food processing, production, and quality assurance. And when consumer fatalities are involved, it can cost millions of dollars in damages, if the companies responsible survive at all.

The good news is there is a way to prevent this nightmarish experience from happening to your food company. Your food quality control (QC) team can rest easy at night when you utilize Eagle x ray food inspection solutions.

Is Eagle X Ray Technology Superior to the Rest?

Since the early 1990s, the food and pharmaceutical sectors have used x-ray technology for identifying hazardous foreign materials, like glass and metal. Quite simply, this practice ensures food quality control for the sake of consumers as well as brand reputation.

There are a variety of x ray imaging machines on the market – but for Packaging, Production, QA, and Plant Managers who want the most compliant and consistent results, the highest level of productivity, and minimal downtime – Eagle x ray solutions are their first choice.


The secret sauce of Eagle x ray machines lies in the next gen technology ‘under the hood’ called SimulTask™ PRO. This image analysis software is what powers all Eagle x ray inspection systems. It takes the guesswork out of x ray imaging, so food producers can focus on safety, quality, operational efficiency, and profitability.

This customizable software can be tailored to your specific product applications with the flexibility to evolve with the ongoing demands of food manufacturers.

Devil’s in the Detail

Digging deeper into what makes Eagle x-ray machines different, many x-ray machines are running a 8-bit imaging system, which means they divide the image into 256 shades of grey. SimulTask™ PRO runs on a 16-bit imaging system – which means it detects 65,535 shades of grey. In other words, you will see deeper contrast and subtle differences – providing superior inspection results for your production line. This is the single most advanced x-ray food inspection system on the market.

So, this answers the question of Eagle x ray superiority. But this raises more questions, like what the capabilities of Eagle x ray machines are.

Eagle X Ray Machine Capabilities

As the name SimulTask™ PRO is short for “Simultaneous Tasking.” The technology offers a range of analysis techniques with proven, repeatable, and accurate performance that is unmatched in the industry.

The list of capabilities include:

  • Dual Energy Inspection
  • Contaminant Detection
  • Fill Level Inspection
  • Mass Measurement
  • Package Integrity
  • Component Count
  • Stone Detection
  • Metal Detection
  • Glass Detection
  • Plastic & Rubber Detection
  • Bone Detection
  • Fat Measurement

In other words, Eagle x ray machines can assess the fill level in upright containers, measure mass in packaged products, count components in multi-compartment boxes, locate voids in burger patties, identify broken or damaged products, and even detect food particles trapped in seals. All of these functions are carried out in a single pass, ensuring comprehensive food inspection and quality control for optimal assurance.

Want to see it in action? Click the link to watch the eye-opening video, “X-ray Inspection: More Than Just Foreign Body Detection.” 

You can learn more about the capabilities of Eagle x ray technology here.

Better Technology, More Capabilities

As Eagle’s proprietary x ray food inspection software, SimulTask™ PRO delivers the most accurate image of products, regardless of production line challenges, all within a tenth of a second.

This means that Eagle x ray machines deliver the most accurate and detailed picture of products that do not meet your quality standards. Even more, improve line productivity with the PRODUCT SWITCH™ feature. It provides manufacturers the flexibility to inspect multiple products on one line with multiple inspection specifications.

With the power of SimulTask™ PRO, Eagle x ray machines enable advanced detection measures for food companies, which include:

  • Superior contaminant detection
  • Advanced traceability
  • Consistent and reliable food inspection performance
  • Proven and repeatable techniques
  • Simultaneous quality checks: mass and zonal measurement, count, shape verification, void detection
  • Repeatable results not affected by product conditions like moisture, freezing, thawing or salinity
  • Inspect products with different specifications in the same or multiple lanes
  • Filter off packaging edges to improve contaminant detection accuracy
  • Accurate performance unmatched in the industry

Eagle x ray inspection machines are the most powerful tools on the market. By installing Eagle x ray solutions into your production line, you ensure your best chance to:

  • Stay Compliant – Easily access reports and statistics to comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs and global safety regulations
  • Enhance Productivity – You can visualize the entire production line and its health status, online, and while eliminating the need for additional equipment and production slowdowns
  • Reduce Downtime – With its ability to simultaneously inspect multiple products without needing manual changeovers, on-screen self-diagnostics for easy maintenance, and color-coded tags and locations make the job of spotting product defects super-easy – translating into less downtime and increased product quality

Food manufacturing managers and engineers who are measured by production line efficiency, safety and compliance standards can hold their heads high, knowing that high quality products are being shipped out of their plant and enjoyed by happy consumers – free from detectable contaminants or defects. Eagle x ray machines deliver multiple capabilities and the highest level imaging technology all in one ultra durable, hygienically designed system.

If you’re ready to make your food quality control (QC) job a lot easier, then you should consider an Eagle x ray machine as your tool of choice.

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