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It may sound like a tall order to be able to safeguard products while maximizing productivity, but it’s done in short order with Eagle’s advanced inspection systems that perform concurrent checks, including contaminant detection, for safety and quality assurance. Eagle’s know-how, based on decades of experience and across a range of industries, has led to the development of inspection solutions that find and reject contaminants and check attributes ranging from component count to package integrity and much more. 

Everyone wants to get more value for their money. That’s true for consumers who want the best quality at the best value, and it’s true for food and beverage manufacturers who seek to maximize operational efficiency while delivering the highest quality, safest products.

Automated Quality Control Checks

Our team of Eagle innovators have developed x-ray inspection machines that allow you to get more out of your equipment by building in capabilities for superior contaminant detection, as well as quality checks that eliminate the use of other inspection equipment and prevent slowdowns on high-speed lines.

Available quality checks include:

  • Weight verification
  • Component count
  • Fill level measurement
  • Void detection
  • Damaged product identification
  • Zoned mass measurement
  • Product shape verification
  • Seal integrity check
  • Meat chub clip counting
  • Missing or broken products check

Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO advanced imaging x-ray software has the widest greyscale range in the industry, up to 65,535 values. Our high-resolution images provide clarity and extraordinary detail, ensuring you’ll see deeper contrast and subtle differences that will provide superior inspection results for your production line.

Inspection Solutions for Your Needs

Eagle offers a host of solutions for bulk, unpackaged and packaged products and across several product categories. The Pack 720 PRO offers superior inspection capabilities for multilane applications, enabling manufacturers to inspect numerous lanes of the same or dissimilar products. The Pack 320 PRO is another example of how manufacturers are using x-ray systems to increase productivity while delivering on safety; see how one food company has leveraged the technology for contaminant inspection and quality checks of its soups and sauces.

The newest inspection solution from Eagle that allows you to get more with less is the MAXIMIZER RMI. This breakthrough raw poultry reject management system is designed to optimize the production process for poultry processing operations, saving time, resources, and reducing manual labor related to handling rejected products.

X-ray inspection equipment gives manufacturers the tools to maintain quality control and product integrity at every stage of production for raw, bulk, pumped, and packaged products.

By setting appropriate parameters and fine-tuning the sensitivity, manufacturers can investigate numerous quality issues from catching foreign bodies to checking that a product looks exactly as a customer expects it to look. The product that successfully passes x-ray inspection contains no shocks, surprises, or disappointments. The manufacturer knows that it fulfills its brand promise.

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