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Raw Chicken Breasts

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Advanced Detection of Calcified Bone

The Challenges

Poultry processors must ensure that raw chicken breasts are boneless and contaminant-free before distribution to retailers and supermarkets. This poses several challenges for processors:

  • Rib, fan and wish bone detection
  • Consistent detection with low false rejects
  • Inspection that matches production line speed

The Solution

The Eagle™ RMI 400 is built with hygienic construction and provides superior bone and metal detection while greatly minimizing false rejects in raw chicken breasts. With PXT™, Performance X-ray Technology, poultry processors can detect calcified bone down to 1 mm and deliver remarkably more accurate image analysis than ever before. The RMI 400 combined with PXT™ and SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software provides the industry’s highest level of inline, automated bone detection available. The infeed and reject system helps provide consistent product quality, reduces manual handling and improves detection of true positive and true negative rates reducing costs associated with product rework. Read the full application note for complete inspection details.


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