Quality assurance of Bulk Diced Potatoes

The Challenge

Bulk diced potato manufacturers can encounter dangerous physical contaminants within their crops, ranging from i.e. golf balls to metal nails. With multiple inspection capabilities, x-ray systems can detect these food contaminants before they enter production. This is important because it, not only helps protect a brands reputation, but helps maximize line efficiencies for contaminant detection and can also perform mass measurement for greater accuracy.

X-ray contamination detection can prevent foreign objects from ever reaching the end user, ensuring safety and strengthening a company’s overall food quality control program.

Three key benefits for using x-ray technology for bulk diced potato inspection are:

  1. Detection is capable with just a single layer of diced potatoes on a belt.
  2. Eliminates physical contaminants from potatoes before they are packaged.
  3. Monitors the product quality of the potatoes supplied by third parties upon arrival.

The Solution

This application note focuses on how x-ray inspection equipment can solve the above diced potato challenges with the use of the Eagle™ Pack 400 HC with Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) dual energy technology along with SimulTask™ PRO. This product inspection solution provides unsurpassed high resolution imaging that enables foreign body detection and performs accurate mass measurements, resulting in high quality products and ensuring product safety.