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Cases of Potato Chips

Fruits & Vegetables

X-ray Inspection of Packaged Products

The Challenges

Chip manufacturers face many challenges when it comes to distributing cases of finished product and quality control standards for customers and distributors:

  • Detecting foreign body contaminants after product packaging
  • Ensuring proper portioning as cases can be underweight or overweight
  • Foil lined packaging could cause metal contaminants to go undetected by metal detectors or trigger false rejects

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 1000 PRO with dual energy MDX technology combined with SimulTask™ PRO imaging software helps locate hard-to-find contaminants with easy-to-read images. The x-ray inspection system can simultaneously perform quality checks at high line speeds for large boxes; including contaminant detection and weight verification. And false rejects are not an issue because, unlike metal detectors, x-ray can permeate the foil-lined packaging to locate metal contaminants providing overall quality assurance. For complete specifications on this product type, download the application note.

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