X-ray Inspection for Cases of Potato Crisps

The Challenge

Crisp manufacturers face many challenges when it comes to distributing cases of finished product and quality control standards for customers and distributors:

  • Detecting foreign body contaminants once the product has been packed
  • Ensuring proper portioning as cases can be underweight or overweight
  • Metal contaminants could go undetected by metal detectors or trigger false rejects due to foil lined packaging.

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 1000 PRO with dual energy MDX technology combined with SimulTask™ PRO imaging software helps locate hard-to-find contaminants with easy-to-read images. The x-ray inspection system can simultaneously perform quality checks at high line speeds for large boxes; including contaminant detection and weight verification. And false rejects are not an issue because, unlike metal detectors, x-ray can permeate the foil-lined packaging to locate metal contaminants providing overall quality assurance. For complete specifications on this product type, download the application note.