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Cheese Blocks

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X-ray locates hard-to-find contaminants

The Challenges

For cheese block manufacturers, ensuring each block is made to perfection is more challenging than the average consumer thinks.

  • Detecting foreign body contaminants embedded within dense blocks
  • Ensuring metal shavings from blades are not found along cut edges of blocks
  • Mass measurement of each block to ensure accurate weight

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 720 PRO with dual energy MDX technology helps locate hard-to-find contaminants with easy-to-read images of dense cheese blocks. Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO advanced imaging software ensures the x-ray system can perform numerous quality checks simultaneously at high line speeds; including contaminant detection for those within and on the outer edges of the cheese block and mass measurement. For complete specifications on this product type, download this application note.

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