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Chicken Breasts in Trays

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X-ray for Harsh Washdown Environments

The Challenges

There are varying levels of challenges for chicken processors that they need to overcome in their day-to-day operations.

  • Detecting calcified rib, wish or fan bone within the chicken breasts
  • Locating foreign body contaminants, such as stone or metal
  • Managing hygienically controlled environments to output sanitary product

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 400 HC with PXT, built with sanitary design and hygienic construction, has contoured and open surfaces minimizing potential material harborage areas. It comes with SimulTask™ PRO imaging software which reliably identifies calcified bones, contaminants, verifies mass to ensure package weight and component count within trays. Download the application note for the detailed solution.

See how Eagle’s PXT™ dual energy technology is leading the way for enhanced bone detection in the poultry industry. Watch the video below and find out how our performance x-ray technology delivers radically enhanced imaging, reducing false rejects and drastically improving bone detection for poultry processors.

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Application Notes

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