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Simultaneous Quality Control Checks

The Challenges

Cookie dough chubs run many risks during production and numerous quality control issues can occur along the production line.

  • Physical contamination of food – Foreign bodies can contaminate the product during any phase of production, from pieces of plastic in the raw material to metal introduced on the line.
  • Fill level inspection – Proper portioning is another major concern because overfilling results in costly product giveaway and underfilling leads to customer complaints.
  • Seal integrity inspection – Blowouts from unsealed casings and voids within the cookie dough chubs reduce the product quality and put brand reputation at risk. It is also vital that producers ensure the correct number of aluminum clips are present on each chub.

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 240 PRO food inspection equipment with x-ray technology provides cookie dough chub manufacturers with reliable physical contamination detection at high line speeds along with the ability to perform numerous quality control checks simultaneously. Download to view the complete solution for cookie dough chub inspection.

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