X-ray Inspection Pack 240 PRO

Designed for x-ray inspection of high-speed flow-wrap lines, blister packs and small packaged products.

Eagle's X-ray System Pack 240 PRO
Eagle's X-ray System Pack 240 PRO

All the Power of X-ray Analysis

Suitable for inspecting standard poly-wrapped products, as well as foods packaged in foil or metalized film, the Pack 240 PRO provides simultaneous quality inspection capabilities. It delivers superior contaminant detection and automatic rejection of the following foreign objects in the Food, Pet Food and Pharmaceutical/Personal Care industries:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Mineral stone
  • Some plastic and rubber compounds
  • Calcified bone

Machine Specifications

Pack 240 PRO

  • Inspection Coverage

    242 mm (9.5″) wide at the belt, 162 mm (6.4″) wide at the top of aperture; 101 mm (4″) overall height

  • Inspection Modes

    SimulTask™ 4 PRO standard inspection modes include contaminant, bone, missing item, clip, void, premium, shape/size, position, fill level, count, zonal mass, mass measurement with 2, 3, or 5 zone checkweighing functionality with statistics

  • User Interface & Operating System

    15″ TFT color touch screen; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB with Eagle SimulTask™ 4 PRO Control & Imaging Software; TeamViewer™ service tool for remote machine diagnostics & product set-up services

  • Conveyor Size

    298 mm (11.8″) wide belt by 1334 mm (52.5″) long with no reject; 1620 mm (64″) long with 1 reject; 1948 mm (76.7″) long with 2 rejects

  • Reject Mechanism

    24VDC Signal only, integrated or remote mounted airblast or push arm, free standing lift or drop gate, custom rejects

  • Speed Range

    17 – 114 MPM (55 – 375 FPM), subject to generator & detector used, product type & dimensions

  • X-ray Power

    Single vertical beam; 70W (70kV, 1mA), 87W (70kV, 1.25mA) or 210W (70kV, 3mA)

  • Detector Resolution

    0.4 mm, 0.8 mm or 1.2 mm single energy

  • Communication

    (2) USB 2.0 ports, (1) Ethernet 10/100/1000 mbps port, (1) RS232 serial port; (1) EtherNet/IP Fieldbus interface port optional

  • IP Rating & Machine Finish

    IP65 Standard, IP66 Optional; Type 304 Stainless Steel bead blasted finish

  • Radiation Safety

    X-ray emissions <1 uS/hr; compliant to 21 CFR 1020.40, 21 CFR 179.21, & EURATOM EU nationalized standards

  • Electrical Safety

    Compliant with CAT-3 (EN954), PLd (EN13849) safety circuits with system visualization

  • Thermal Management

    Air conditioner thermal management system externally mounted to rear access panel

  • Operating Range

    0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) 25% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing

  • Power Requirements

    230 VAC, +/-10%, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, 16 Amp Fused

  • Options & Accessories

    Multilane operation, product guides, reject bins; reject verify, bin full, counter-check, & package back-up sensors; audible & visual alarms; EtherNet/IP interface, TraceServer™ data collection software; RECON™ rework station, remote user interface, hazard based risk assessment

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Advanced X-ray Inspection Technologies

SimulTask™ PRO

SimulTask™ PRO advanced imaging and processing software provides high resolution and extraordinarily detailed x-ray images with the highest greyscale range from 0-65,535.


TraceServer™ records valuable production data and machine status information from one or more of Eagle’s x-ray machines enhancing traceability.

Eagle’s Capabilities

Contaminant Detection

Superior x-ray inspection technology provides outstanding detection of physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape or location within a product.

Mass Measurement

Mass and weight measurement with x-ray technology provides an additional layer of process control and due diligence to ensure a high-quality.

Package Integrity

Package integrity is a vital quality control issue, it is essential to identify and reject deformed packages and also critically important that seals remain airtight to ensure freshness of food products.

Component Count

Ensuring proper component count with x-ray technology is quicker and far more reliable than other inspection methods because x-ray systems can look inside sealed packaging for verification.

Eagle’s Support

In addition to providing industry-leading technology and unparalleled reliability, Eagle provides highly-responsive support and service coverage globally, through a network of expert partners, supported by a core team of regionally-based Eagle experts.

Eagle's Support Service

Industry Resources

Food & Beverage

Food X-ray Inspection Equipment Spotlight: Small Cereal Boxes

Find out how advanced x-ray inspection equipment performs simultaneous quality control checks for small boxes of cereal.

Food & Beverage
Individual Snack Bars

Eagle’s Pack 240 PRO with SimulTask PRO software can detect missing or broken bars at high performing line speeds.

Food & Beverage
Lunch Packs

Find out how lunch pack ready meal manufacturers can combat everyday challenges such as zonal weight verification or component count with x-ray.

Other Industries
Moist Smokeless Tobacco in Single Cans

Manufacturers of moist smokeless tobacco face many unique challenges in processing and packaging single cans for distribution, from metal contaminants to detection of missing lids from single cans.

What Our Customers Say

“Quality is key for us. Now, thanks to the Eagle Bulk 415 PRO we can totally say our products are contaminant free and we truly believe this will let us keep growing and exploring new markets.”
 Higos El Pajarero
Mrs. Fuensanta Carrillo Sales and Marketing Manager, Higos El Pajarero
“The Eagle x-ray machine has resulted in a dramatic reduction of bones in our boneless products—basically down to zero. By purchasing a dual-lane system, we’re able to double our output, or run different products at the same time.”
 Giannone Poultry
Bruno Giannone Vice-President and CEO
“The x-ray’s software program is very intuitive. It’s simple to set up and program. I learned a great deal from Eagle’s service department on how to run the machine and appreciate their know-how, availability 24/7 and professionalism.”
Tim Pheland Process Engineer
“Going forward, any new inspection systems or upgrades to current inspection technologies will be x-ray inspection systems, they are extremely reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.”
Merrily Blasi Quality Assurance Manager
“We were very impressed with Eagle’s on-site service. The team adjusted the equipment to meet our needs perfectly.”
 Iglo Food Group
Mr. Arno Strotmann Project Manager
“These machines do an excellent job of looking for and pinpointing any foreign matter, with instant and easy-to-use metal detection capabilities. And they can be taught and programmed to identify other unwanted substances by measuring product density. ”
 Unilever Canada
Galen Sienicki Factory Director
“When first presented with the idea of inspecting our products using x-ray inspection systems, we doubted that it could help us to improve and assure the quality of their products; now it is a fundamental part inside of our system of quality.”
Ramiro Espinoza Kowi’s Plant Director

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