X-ray Inspection of Multi-Pack Chocolate Bars

The Challenge

Packaging multi-pack chocolate bars can pose a number of challenges for manufacturers ranging from removing physical contaminants to ensuring proper portioning, overall package weight, component count and also checking for broken products. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for multi-pack chocolate bar manufacturers to ensure customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and build bottom-line profits.

The Solution

X-ray food inspection systems can help solve these everyday challenges with an all-in-one system capable of performing food contaminant detection for foreign objects such as metal, glass, stone, plastic and rubber compounds in any type of packaging. The Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO with SimulTask™ PRO imaging software  is perfect for multiple-lane configurations as it can analyze in real-time different products from one box to the next. It can also simultaneously check mass measurement for an entire package to ensure proper portion control, detect missing or broken products and also inspect for proper seal integrity.