X-ray Inspection of Packaged Salad Bags

The Challenge

Contaminant detection for objects such as stainless steel or rubber can be introduced during the harvesting of fresh lettuce and spinach which can be difficult to locate by single energy x-ray detection due to green stems, leaf sizes or various densities. Greens stems are denser than the rest of the leaf and the density variance caused by stems and leaves overlapping makes it difficult for traditional x-ray systems to identify contaminants. In addition to this, false rejects can occur frequently because a single energy x-ray can often erroneously select a particularly dense stem as a contaminant. These limitations that exist with traditional x-ray inspection equipment weaken quality assurance and brand protection.

The Solution

With the use of SimulTask™ PRO imaging software, the Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO with Material Discrimination X-ray technology (MDX) can accurately inspect packaged salad bags for physical contaminants within various shapes and sizes. Dual energy technology overcomes busy output images from traditional single energy x-ray inspection systems by examining the chemical composition or atomic number to determine if an object other than lettuce is present. The same form of technology can also be used to measure accurate total package weight while simultaneouly performing contaminant detection. Eagle offers a complete solution for food quality control, making it the right choice for packaged salad or spinach bag manufacturers.