Poultry X-ray Infeed & Reject System

The Challenge

Poultry processors are faced with major challenges in their everyday operations. Product contamination can occur at any point on the production line so processors must ensure they have rigid quality control measures in place to safeguard their final product from metal, bone fragments, stone and glass. Detecting these contaminants and creating consistent product quality can be difficult with the use of manual inspection alone.

The Solution

Eagle’s Pack 400 HC Poultry Optimized x-ray machine along with infeed and reject systems offer processors superior bone detection and an inline contaminant inspection system with a reject and return facility that is much more reliable than manual inspection resulting in a safer, high-quality poultry product and ultimately protecting your brand. As a turnkey solution, the poultry x-ray infeed and reject system provides illuminated trim tables to help operators locate hard to find bones. Trimmed product is then placed on the top tier conveyor to be x-rayed for bone fragments, leading to reduced manual handling, less rework and a consistent final product.