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Pre-Grinding Recipe Formulation – Sausages

Red Meat
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The Challenge

Meat processors must precisely manage raw materials in order to achieve a concise recipe formulation for every batch. It’s imperative that all batches have an accurate chemical lean value in order to eliminate the need for rework and create high-quality final products.

The Solution

Find out how Eagle’s FA3 machines enable processors to perform real-time inline simultaneous chemical lean calculation and foreign object detection on weighed batches of sausage. Our propriety TraceServer software calculates the amount of additional fat required and prompts the line operator to add, resulting in an accurate CL value before mixing and blending. This ensures a lean meat give-away reduction of up to 4 CL on average. Eagle’s fat analysis recipe formulation systems provide processors with greater production efficiencies by reducing manual handling and eradicating product reworks all while providing a consistent quality product that protects the company’s brand.

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White Papers

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Read this 3rd party SSICA report which validates the accuracy and reliability of inline fat analysis technology.

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