X-ray inspection with Dual Energy for Quinoa in Metalized Bags

The Challenge

Quinoa harvesters face numerous challenges for bulk production, packaging and distribution:

  • Ensuring sealed metalized bags are free from foreign body contaminants
  • Providing accurate weight of packaged bags

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 720 PRO with dual energy MDX technology and SimulTask™ PRO imaging software helps locate hard-to-find contaminants in busy images for bulk product. The x-ray inspection system can simultaneously perform quality checks at high line speeds for large packages of quinoa; including contaminant detection in sealed bags and weight verification. Unlike metal detectors, false rejects are not an issue because x-ray technology can permeate the foil-lined packaging to locate metal contaminants; providing superior quality assurance.

For complete specifications on this product type, download the application note.