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Carton Red Meat Products

Red Meat
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Ensuring Final Product is Safe for Consumers

The Challenges

Red meat processors often buy boneless or bone-in meat packaged in carton boxes from slaughterhouses. To ensure incoming meat is safe for consumption and that final products meet customer standards, manufacturers must adhere to strict quality control programs and overcome many processing obstacles.

  • Identifying mis-packed or mis-labeled cartons
  • Detecting and rejecting calcified bone and metal contaminants in boneless product
  • Metal fragment contaminant detection for bone-in product 

The Solution

The Pack 720 PRO x-ray machine is capable of performing multiple product inspection checks on one single production line for various carton meat products. Thanks to MDX dual energy technology, the system easily distinguishes between hidden foreign bodies and meat product, making contaminant detection for metal fragments and calcified bone easy to identify in busy images. Additionally, the meat x-ray inspection system can make automatic adjustments allowing products with different inspection requirements to run on the same line. It further identifies and rejects carton meat products that are under weight, mis-labeled or incorrectly packed.

Read the full application note for complete inspection details.

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