X-ray Inspection Systems for Ready to Serve Rice Cups

The Challenge

In these fast paced times, a meal on the go is convenient, but manufacturers of ready to serve rice cups must overcome numerous quality issues before their products make it to the supermarket shelves.

  • Contaminant detection for foreign bodies
  • Mass measurement to ensure accurate package weight

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO is the best x-ray solution for inspecting mid-sized packaged products like ready to serve rice cups. Powered by SimulTask™ PRO imaging software, this advanced system can perform multiple quality control checks simultaneously and at high line speeds, ensuring manufacturers keep up with product demand while improving production efficiencies. Not only can the x-ray detect contaminants such as glass, metal and stone, this multi-functional machine can verify weight which reduces product giveaway.

For complete specifications, download the application note.