Edesia Trusts X-ray Inspection Systems to Deliver Safe Ready-to-use Foods and Nutrients to Vulnerable Populations

The Challenge

Edesia Nutrition needed to find a solution to inspect carton cases of individual foil pouches filled with their ready-to-use food, Plumpy’Nut®, for contaminants. This non-profit organization is dedicated to treating and preventing malnutrition in developing nations by providing a highly nutritious fortified food product to millions of children in over 50 countries and they want to ensure final production is free from all foreign body contaminants.

The Solution

Edesia chose the Eagle Pack 550 PRO as the best solution to inspect their final cases of food. X-ray inspection systems for ready-to-use foods, unlike metal detectors, can permeate the foil pouch packaging to locate foreign bodies such as metal and glass and reject those cases with contaminants ensuring only safe food reaches malnourished children.

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