Setton Pistachio – Product Inspection Maximizes Production Line Efficiency

X-ray inspection system provides quality assurance for the US’s second largest pistachio nut processor. When Setton Pistachio realized that conventional product inspection technologies for the detection and removal of metal provided adequate protection against metal contamination, but had limited impact on other foreign bodies, they began researching alternative inspection equipment.

Eagle’s ‘Product Inspection Equipment Maximizes Production Line Efficiency’ case study explains how installing an Eagle™ Bulk x-ray machine into the company’s production processes has not only strengthened Setton Pistachio’s contamination detection capabilities by enabling the detection of rock, glass and metal, but is also helping to prevent damage to downstream processing equipment.

In addition, the case study shows how combining x-ray detection equipment with their existing quality control methods has enabled Setton Pistachio to improve overall product quality, as well as led to unexpected gains in efficiency and reductions in cost.