Advance Product Line Traceability with X-ray Inspection

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Enhance Productivity and Stay Compliant

Demonstrable traceability has become a requirement in many global food safety standards and food manufacturers see the need first-hand when it comes to tracking or tracing the safety of their supply chains and production lines. But how can manufacturers keep an eye on critical control points all while providing retrievable product data in a timely fashion?

Advanced x-ray inspection equipment with sophisticated software, such as SimulTask™ PRO and TraceServer™, can provide food manufacturers with detailed image data with easy trace back to locate contaminant entry points, as well as catch quality control checks that go unnoticed to the human eye. Superior traceability technology can provide item-level traceability with real-time analytics, time-stamped production data, seamless connection to a centralize database and much more.

Download the eBook to find out how advanced x-ray inspection equipment can deliver demonstrable traceability to your production line.

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