Dual Energy X-ray Technology for the Food Industry

Food & Beverage

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What exactly is dual energy x-ray technology and how is it used to inspect food for contaminants? Also, what types of food is it best suited to inspect? This infographic simplifies dual energy x-ray technology, outlines its inner workings, demonstrates how it discriminates between various foreign body contaminants within food products and identifies which applications it is best suited for, and why.

To find out the answers to these questions and more, download the infographic.


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Application Notes

X-ray Inspection of Bulk Raw Clams with PXT™

The hygienically designed Pack 400 HC with PXT offers enhanced contaminant detection in raw clams inspected in bulk.

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Advanced X-ray Technology for Seafood Inspection

Catch and remove contaminants with advanced seafood inspection technology that delivers enhanced bone, shell and metal detection.

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Advanced X-ray Capabilities for Seafood Inspection

Find smaller contaminants of bone, shell and metal with Eagle’s advanced seafood inspection x-ray solutions.

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