Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV

Designed for the inspection of high-speed can, jar, bottle and composite lines as well as other upright container formats and is ideal for customers with limited line space.

The dual side view detection coverage provides an added measure of inspection by analyzing and processing two images per container thereby improving the probability of detecting hard to find contaminants.

Suitable for inspecting products packaged in foil or metalized film at line rates in excess of 1000 PPM, the Eagle Tall PRO XSDV x-ray inspection system will help you avoid product recalls with superior foreign body detection in the following packaging types.

Multiple inspection modes deliver greater functionality and value to maximize your return on investment. The Tall PRO XSDV simultaneously performs the following inline product integrity checks:

Overall line efficiency is maximized with this Eagle x-ray system by reducing jams and returned products caused by packaging defects.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Standard and high resolution available
  • Ability to adjust to variable line speeds
  • Compact footprint installs over existing conveyor lines for easy integration
  • IP65 and IP69 models available. IP69 rating is essential for food inspection in harsh wash down environments
  • Proprietary SimulTask™ PRO software ensures compliance with HACCP principles and global safety regulations by providing on-screen diagnostics, advanced image analysis and quality assurance traceability
  • HACCP ready RepositoryTM feature for cataloging rejects, statistics and event logs
  • TraceServer™ software option transfers and manages critical inspection data on a PC or Network
  • Click here to see upright rejector mechanism for this x-ray machine.