Advanced Inspection Systems a Key Part of a Strong Food Safety Culture

October 26, 2020

To help food and beverage manufacturers adhere to requirements for a strong food safety culture, Eagle Product Inspection offers advanced inspection systems that are a visible sign of a company’s commitment to food safety and an effective tool in preventing potentially hazardous contaminants from entering the food supply.

The newly enhanced Pack 400 HC and Bulk 540 PRO x-ray systems can be put in place at key critical control points on the line to improve food safety and, with it, an organization’s food safety culture:

  • Upfront inspection: The Eagle Bulk 540 PRO is a powerful x-ray system that detects hard-to-find contaminants such as metal fragments, glass shards, dense plastics, rubber compounds, mineral stones and rocks in bulk flowing food products, including fruits, vegetables, granolas and cereals, among other items. Having early checks in place helps ensure compliance with HACCP principles and global safety regulations and fosters a culture that emphasizes food safety from the start.
  • Final check: In addition to the inspection of bulk/raw materials and the use of inline x-ray machines during processing and packaging, end-of-line detection technologies are an important final safeguard in providing safe, high quality products that align with a company’s food safety culture. The Eagle Pack 400 HC is a newly advanced system that can find contaminants in packaged meat, poultry and dairy products while simultaneous conducting crucial quality checks, including weight, component count, shape and voids. The high performance x-ray machine can detect physical contaminants in plastic containers, cartons, boxes and pouches and can be paired with the Eagle MDX dual-energy technology for particularly busy or difficult images. For poultry applications, the Eagle Pack 400 HC can be equipped with Eagle’s newly-introduced PXT™ detector technology that provides superior inline detection of poultry bones down to 1 mm.