Eagle Shows New Colors at IFFA 2013

May 4, 2013

Quality Assured by Technology Provider’s Innovations

Tampa, Florida, May 4, 2013 – Provider of x-ray inspection and fat analysis technology to the meat industry, Eagle Product Inspection revealed a fresh new look and a number of innovations at the IFFA tradeshow, Frankfurt, Germany, May 4-9 2013 on Stand F81 (Hall 9.1.). The new look included a reinvented, contemporary logo featuring a strong link to the company’s heritage in the form of an ‘eagle eye’. In addition, Eagle unveiled upgraded software and other innovations for its industry-leading Eagle™ FA720 Series fat analysis technology and introduced new European distribution partners at the show.

As part of its rebrand, Eagle has established new strategic distribution partnerships with Swedish firm WEPAC Automation and Dutch organization Olman Handelmaatschappij b.v. Eagle will work closely with WEPAC in Sweden and Olman in the Netherlands to strengthen relationships with customers and support them in finding product inspection and fat analysis solutions that meet their specific needs. The teams at both distributors have full knowledge of Eagle’s x-ray and fat analysis portfolio, so they can provide local on-the-ground expertise and support to meat producers.

“Our new value statement, ‘Quality Assured’ encompasses the core principles that Eagle stands for – providing food manufacturers with the confidence that their product inspection equipment will enable them to deliver high-quality, contaminant free products. Our new distributors will fulfill our strategic aim to offer highly accurate, quality assured x-ray inspection and fat analysis technology in their regions,” explained Christy Miller, Marketing Manager, Eagle Product Inspection. “As our new look demonstrates, we are dedicated to developing innovative product inspection solutions that keep an ‘eagle eye’ on food quality, protecting brand reputation.”

Simon Olman, Chief Executive Officer, Olman Handelmaatschappij b.v. added, “European meat manufacturers are constantly looking at enhancing profitability by reducing wasteful lean giveaway. Eagle’s innovative technologies optimize quality control to ensure that meat processors maximize efficiency.”

Eagle launched a range of innovations at IFFA 2013, developed for the Eagle™ FA720Series, which uses Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) to calculate the meat’s Chemical Lean (CL) value within +/- 1CL. The fat analysis system enables meat producers to supply customers with quality assured products at their specified CL values, avoid costly fat claims or product giveaway.  New Eagle™ VALIDATE™ software is a cutting-edge internal calibration function built in to the Eagle™ FA720 Series, making it possible for line operatives to verify the accuracy of the technology’s CL values at the touch of a button. The software automatically records each validation in an electronic file to facilitate access to traceability data in the event of a product recall or a retailer query about fat content.

Eagle’s new Remote Touchscreen Console (RTC) for the Eagle™ FA720 Series displays the same information as the technology’s Human Machine Interface (HMI), allowing the fat analysis system to be operated from a remote location. This facilitates operator access to production line data, enhancing identification and removal of substandard products. Eagle also presented a light-emitting diode (LED) Marquee Display Unit (MDU) that can be installed on meat production lines upstream from the EAGLE™ FA720 Series to transmit real-time CL data to operatives working at the trimming or packing stations.