Eagle to Hatch Advanced Product Safety at Pack Expo

September 9, 2014

X-ray inspection and fat analysis expert pioneers new innovations that uphold product safety across multiple product lines, complex food types and high production speeds

 Chicago, Illinois, September 9th, 2014 – To optimize manufacturers’ production efficiency and ensure consistent quality, Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle) is continuing its promise of launching transforming product inspection technology. At PACK EXPO International (Booth 1640) in Chicago, Illinois, November 2-5, 2014, Eagle will present a new range of x-ray inspection and fat analysis technologies guaranteed to uphold food safety of multiple products at high throughout speeds.  Proprietary innovations to be launched include a new superior contaminant detection and sanitary construction x-ray system for high volume bulk product, carton and crate applications; an inline fat measurement and contaminant solution for packaged meat and Eagle’s upgraded Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology.

“Here at Eagle, we are dedicated to providing smarter and simpler solutions for manufacturers’ detection and inspection needs, backed with world-class reliability and the latest technologies that reduce downtime and maximize throughput,” said Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit Manager, Eagle Product Inspection. “By further advancing our product inspection technologies, manufacturers can check for contaminated materials, verify weight and fill levels, and ensure seal integrity – all within one machine. As such, they can be confident that only high-quality products exit at their facility for a reduced cost per pack.”

Eagle’s Advanced Product Inspection Solutions at PACK EXPO:

  • Eagle™ RMI3/B and RMI3/C – Superior Contaminant Detection in Harsh Environments

Both x-ray systems are engineered to deliver 100% contaminant detection and constructed to high American Meat Institute (AMI) sanitary levels for use in harsh production environments. The Eagle™ RMI3/B inspects unpackaged bulk products such as raw meat with the Eagle™ RMI3/C designed to detect and reject contaminants from raw meat packaged in either closed carton or open crates. To minimize production downtime, the Eagle PRODUCT SWITCH™ option on the RMI3/C delivers automatic product changeovers for different applications packaged in cartons and crates. As standard, both machines have CAT 3 safety circuits with status visualization for improved safety ratings.

  • Eagle™ FA3/C – Inline Fat Measurement and Contaminant Detection for Packaged Meat

The Eagle™ FA3/C machine is designed to discriminate between fat and lean portions of packaged meat products in cardboard cartons, plastic crates, and vacuum-packed frozen blocks to better than +/- 1 Chemical Lean (CL) accuracy. To accommodate a range of products, the FA3/C can automatically switch inspection parameters while the production line is operational. By simply scanning a bar code, detailing product information, goods with different inspection requirements can run on the same line, eliminating the need to manually switch products and recalibrate.

  • Eagle Easy MAT™ – Operating Software

At Pack Expo, the Eagle™ Pack 430 with new Eagle Easy MAT™ Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) operating software will be showcased.  Advanced imaging dual energy technology, MDX guarantees the detection of contaminants, such as glass shards, rocks, rubber and plastic, in products which produce high variations in image density. As such, MDX is invaluable in production lines manufacturing a range of multi textures including frozen or raw fruits, salad bags, snack items such as peanuts and trail mix; plus confectionery items like chocolate bars with nuts. The Eagle Easy MAT™ software simplifies and speeds up installation and setup by auto-learning the material composition of the product. Additional to conventional single energy x-ray detection methods, the Eagle Easy MAT™ identifies contaminants with material compositions which are different to the product.  In addition, an enhanced human machine interface (HMI), with improved screen resolution and color, plus an advanced intuitive pre-programed operational interface effectively removes the need for third party set-up and maintenance. While all new MDX machines automatically include this new software, existing customers can easily upgrade.

  • Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV X-ray Inspection System – Contaminant Detection for Rigid Containers

For manufacturers looking to provide 100% inspection for contaminants in rigid containers such as cans, bottles, and jars, the Tall PRO XSDV is ideal as it uses high performance dual view x-ray technology. By analyzing and processing two images per container, the probability of detecting hard-to-find contaminants, typically in the side ridges of cans, is overcome. More than 1,000 products per minute can pass multiple inspection criteria, keeping lines running to full capacity. Overall line efficiency and downtime is further improved by remote access diagnostics of Eagle experts, reducing on-site visits. The internal shutter technology of the Tall PRO XSDV allows smaller louvers and as it can be installed over existing conveyors, the system provides a smaller footprint than other x-ray systems, with fewer maneuvers for product jams and breakages.