August 30, 2011

Eagle to showcase advanced x-ray image analysis technologies at PACK EXPO, booth C-549

 August 30th, 2011, Tampa, Florida, USA – Eagle (formerly Smiths Detection Product Inspection) will showcase advanced software for its EAGLE™ Pack 430 PRO and EAGLE™ Tall PRO XS x-ray inspection machines at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Nevada USA, 26-28 September 2011. With enhanced image analysis technologies – Material Discrimination X-Ray (MDX) and SimulTask™ – Eagle’s product inspection systems perform functions beyond contaminant detection of packaged products including verification of fill levels, measurement of headspace, and validation of component presence and absence to alert manufacturers to over- or under-fulfillment to avoid waste. Eagle will run live demonstrations of its systems and their advanced functionalities at its booth C-549 at the show.

At PACK EXPO, Eagle will showcase how its proprietary SimulTask™ and MDX software allow manufacturers to meet current challenges in today’s food industry, including adjusting inspection lines and machines to handle more innovative package designs. Trends dictate that product inspection machines must be able to accurately analyze new shapes, sizes and materials such as flexible packaging and pouches. They are also challenged by multi-textured foods with many density levels within a pack, which can result in a crowded x-ray image. Eagle will highlight how its advanced image analysis tools help manufacturers use x-ray inspection systems to overcome these challenges and ensure high-quality products reach consumers.

The MDX dual energy software enhancement will be featured with the EAGLE™ Pack 430 PRO, which is designed for the inspection of mid-sized packaged products and provides improved contaminant detection in difficult applications. SimulTask™ specialized upright container inspection algorithms will be run on the EAGLE™ Tall PRO XS which is ideal for inspecting products in high-speed cans, jars, bottles and on composite lines as well as upright and odd-shaped containers.

About Eagle Product Inspection (Formerly Smiths Detection PID)

The Eagle Product Inspection (Formerly Smiths Detection PID) line of X-ray inspection systems evaluates in process and finished products for contaminants such as metal, glass, stone and bone while also having the ability to check mass, evaluate compartmentalized fill level, and analyze fat content. With its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and local offices across the globe, Eagle Product Inspection (Formerly Smiths Detection PID) machines meet today’s Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification requirements to ensure that food and beverage manufacturers and their customers in turn are well protected.

Eagle Product Inspection (Formerly Smiths Detection PID) was acquired by Mettler-Toledo in March 2011. The business adopted the Eagle brand which has been used for its products since 1998. The Eagle business joins the Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection family of leading brands: Garvens, Hi-Speed, Safeline and CI-Vision. Visit www.eaglepi.com to see how Eagle Product Inspection systems have the vision to see beyond detection.