X-ray Inspection of Soups and Sauces Reduces Food Contamination and Increases Productivity

The Challenge

Kitchen Partners Limited processes 9 million kgs of soups and sauces per year. The Canadian manufacturer relied heavily on metal detectors for their food safety program to locate metal contaminants. However, other types of food contamination such as stones and bones were a true possibility and quality assurance checks were not possible using the existing metal detectors.

The Solution

The Eagle Pack 320 PRO, proved to be the best solution for Kitchen Partners because of its versatile contaminant inspection features and checkweighing function. The x-ray inspection system could check for food contamination, such as bone, metal and stone, and also reject the contaminated product from the line. Today, the x-ray inspection system also performs quality checks for food in bags at high line speeds such as mass measurement and component count, ensuring consistent quality output.

For details on how installing Eagle’s x-ray inspection system of soups and sauces transformed this company’s production line read the complete case study.