Eagle Speaks: Executive POV on Know-how and X-ray Product Inspection

Simon King, Head of Global Sales, Service & Marketing, Eagle Product Inspection

29 August 2018

There are many questions concerning how to ensure product integrity and safety in the manufacturing business for food, beverages, pet food, pharmaceutical products and other consumable goods. How can I prevent recalls? What’s the best way to achieve product traceability? Am I compliant with the latest regulations? Are these products consistent or do we have issues with throughput and consumer satisfaction?

The best answers to such important questions often come from knowledge and experience. As industry leaders who have developed and repeatedly applied specialist knowledge across a range of sectors, product types and applications, we have a unique perspective that can add real value for our customers.

For now, let’s focus on one question: How can you leverage expert know-how to help ensure product quality and compliance?

You can begin by working with a team of experts and partners from around the world with strong and diverse backgrounds in x-ray, product inspection, fat analysis, quality assurance and compliance, who remain attuned to industry needs and changes. These experts and trusted partners at Eagle work with manufacturers to assure that product inspection is in line with requirements and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

You can also gain insight from Eagle’s thought leaders through a new Docu-series, “Eagle Speaks,” which delivers insights and tools to help you find solutions to your unique products and challenges. Leverage that expertise by downloading resources including videos, and e-books by clicking here.

You can meet our experts and see Eagle’s know-how in action at PACK EXPO International in Chicago from Oct. 14-17, where our high-performing multi-application machines are on display in Booth S-1721, including the FA3/M system. That system provides advanced contaminant detection as well as inline fat measurement for red meat products to discriminate between fat and lean content of all product. We used our expertise, experience and our range of knowledge to design this best-in-class system, from rugged construction to the latest-generation software.

Also at PACK EXPO, we’re unveiling the new EPX100 next-generation x-ray machine for packaged foods and spotlighting the Eagle Tall PRO XS for tall containers for inspection of cans, bottles, jars and other upright rigid containers.

In the meantime, I’m here to share our know-how with you in a more direct way. Feel free to reach out to me at simon.king@eaglepi.com. Looking forward to seeing you at PACK EXPO International 2018.

About Simon King, Global Head Sales, Service and Marketing, Eagle Product Inspection 

As Global Head Sales, Service and Marketing at Eagle Product Inspection, Simon King is responsible for commercial leadership, shaping the direction of Eagle’s market strategy and expanding the company’s global reach to serve customers around the world.

Simon holds an MBA in International Business Management from the University of London and a BA (Hons) in Business and Finance from Manchester University. Prior to joining Eagle, Simon was Director, Global Sales and Marketing in a division of Elbit Systems. Before Elbit Systems, Simon held a number of senior, multi-national roles with Domino Printing Sciences, including Business Unit Leadership and running extensive operations in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.