Eagle™ FA3 Series

X-ray systems designed for fat analysis, contamination detection, mass measurement, protein analysis and moisture analysis for bulk flow and carton meat.

The FA3 series x-ray systems are Eagle’s 3rd generation refinement of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology using the innovative and proven superior single-beam geometry Eagle introduced to the market in 2004. Eagle FA3 inline fat analysis systems use DEXA to discriminate between fat and lean portions of 100% of product throughput, providing Chemical Lean (CL) measurements to better than +/- 1CL accuracy of all meat product.

These unique x-ray systems also measure weight and inspect 100% of the product for contaminants such as:

Eagle FA3 series systems simultaneously perform the following inline product integrity checks

with no degradation in inspection performance at full throughput, thanks to Eagle’s proprietary SimulTask™ PRO advanced imaging software.


The FA3/C provides inline fat measurement and contaminant detection of packaged meat products in cardboard cartons, plastic crates, and vacuum-packed blocks.  It operates at industry throughputs in excess of 2,400 packages per hour. PRODUCT SWITCH™ function available.


The FA3/M is a multi-application system which provides inline fat measurement and contaminant detection for fresh, chilled, frozen and hot-boned loose bulk, frozen or tempered (“naked”) meat blocks and unwrapped meat conveyed in plastic crates. It operates at industry throughputs up to 2,400 plastic crates or frozen blocks per hour, or up to 35 tons per hour of bulk meat. PRODUCT SWITCH™ function available.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Unique VALIDATE™ feature enables easy routine and on-demand calibration validation at the push of a button. To improve quality control diligence, the electronic results log provides excellent documentation which can be used to dispute potential commercial claims made against products not meeting industry specifications.
  • UPSHOT™ compact imaging geometry, enables scanning of the meat from the bottom, allows for closer placement of the x-ray source and detectors, further enhancing detection capabilities and measurement precision.
  • Designed to NAMI sanitary standards with fast breakdown for sanitation; less than 5 minutes with just one person.
  • Proprietary SimulTask™ PRO software ensures compliance with HACCP principles and global safety regulations by providing on-screen diagnostics, advanced image analysis and quality assurance traceability.
  • AUTOCAL™ automated calibration system, unique to Eagle, enables easy pushbutton calibration without the need to handle bulky and potentially unsafe calibration “phantom blocks” on the factory floor.
  • TraceServer™ software option enables real-time monitoring and archiving of inspection statistics, product images and reports with network access.
  • The PRODUCT SWITCH™ function allows products with different inspection requirements to run on the same line.
  • OPC UA industry standard communication software enables easy integration with other factory floor machines and 3rd party data systems allowing batch and blend recipe management.