Four Ways Multifunctional Inspection Equipment Helps to Optimize your Processes and Operations

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The need for operational agility and the use of multifunctional equipment and technology solutions is not new. This year, though, has brought those capabilities into greater focus in a challenging overall marketplace and in a competitive food and beverage industry. For inline product inspection, manufacturers can utilize versatile x-ray systems equipped with latest technologies to keep pace with evolving demand and keep their products and businesses safe from food safety hazards and quality issues.

These days, it’s hard to tell where the market is headed.

On one hand, indicators are strong for continued demand for food and beverage products. Other times, concerns about consumer pullback and global and domestic economic slowdowns dominate business discussions. In the same way, consumers remain interested in new and different products that fit their tastes and lifestyles but are also more wary than they were a year ago.

The only thing certain about the rest of 2020 seems to be that there will be uncertainty. Given this uncertainty, manufacturers are looking to get more out of what they have, often relying on versatile equipment. Multifunctional x-ray machines help you optimize your processes. Here are four ways that advanced inspection systems can provide greater efficiencies across the board:

Reduce hazards, improve safety:

An advanced inspection system should be flexible and suitable for your unique product application requirements. Whether operating short runs for specialty products or handling high-throughput lines, your needs are not the same every day or even every shift. While line setups and products may be different, you still need the highest contaminant detection that can find a 1 mm bone fragment in a chicken breast or 1.5 mm steel in a fiber supplement.

One of the latest industry breakthroughs in x-ray detection is PXT™ (Performance X-ray Technology) that captures more detailed product data than ever before and provides the industry’s highest resolution images to ensure product safety for poultry products.

Conduct quality checks, deliver consistency:

Look for x-ray machines that not only detect contaminants, but perform simultaneous quality checks.With one machine, you can find contaminants and also check mass measurement, fill level and component count, among other attributes that are important for both quality control and quality assurance.

Capture data, provide traceability:

X-ray systems powered by the latest-generation software, such as Eagle SimulTask™ PRO provide a visual product snapshot that is time- and date-coded. Leverage real-time analytics for complete information to better gauge productivity and efficiency. Meet established internal quality standards and demonstrate due diligence with TraceServer™ software that records x-ray inspection processes and stores information in a centralized database for a full analysis of the product at any point in time.

Handle critical control points, stay compliant:

Being able to capture information on each product inspected at a certain critical control point also helps companies stay compliant with food safety regulations. With advanced detection in place and accessible information, you and your team can be better prepared for audits and demonstrate adherence to important standards.

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