PXT™ – Performance X-ray Technology for Poultry

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Enhanced Bone Detection

Eagle has taken product inspection to a new level with its radically enhanced PXT™ technology for superior performance in bone detection in poultry, down to 1 mm. Now poultry processors can capture more detailed product data and obtain much higher resolution images for a broad range of poultry products on their production lines. From fresh or frozen to bulk flow or retail packages, PXT™ provides unmatched performance for the next generation of poultry processing.

Benefit from:

  • Unrivaled product safety
  • Exceptional quality
  • Improved processes
  • Enhanced system versatility
  • Reduced operating costs

Learn more about Eagle’s NEW proven solution with radically enhanced bone detection. Download the PXT™ brochure today!

If you are interested in learning more about bone detection technology, be sure to visit our resource hub for detailed information. 

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