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The direct and indirect costs as well as the impact on a brand’s reputation are driving companies to look to advanced inspection systems to prevent recalls and protect their products throughout the manufacturing process. Keeping a close eye on product safety, integrity and quality through product inspection technologies is an effective way to avoid recalls and help plant operators and owners sleep better at night. Rest assured, Eagle’s experts are wide awake and focused on producing the latest in detection technologies.

It’s not an overstatement to say that every food company worldwide is focused on food safety. People within and beyond the industry are talking about the toll of recalls and the need to ensure safety, and with good reason.

The impact and cost of recalls, coupled with increased regulations and requirements and a savvier, more discerning consumer base, are compelling manufacturers to deploy new technology tools at various points in their line to improve the safety and quality of their products—whether they are shipped a few hundred miles away or to the other side of the globe.

Think of inspection technologies as not just an additional set of eyes on the line—but the best in-depth vision available for protecting products and preventing product recalls that can cause real damage to a brand’s reputation and bottom line. Advanced inspection technology allows a manufacturer to inspect products at different stages in every production process—from raw materials and ingredients to final product and cases. Eagle Product Inspection’s broad portfolio of detection solutions, including its latest systems, cover all of the production stages and, in turn, safeguard a manufacturer in its efforts to protect their products from contaminants.

The Early Stages of Production

Eagle’s advanced bulk technology enables manufacturers to detect potential foreign bodies in raw material to avoid damage to downstream equipment and prevent contaminants from getting past the first stage of production. For example:

  • Eagle Bulk 415 PRO maximizes contaminant removal while reducing downtime in the scanning of dry bulk applications like nuts, grains, granola, sugar, cereals, coffee and other high volume bulk products.
  • Eagle Bulk 540 PRO addresses unique handling and inspection challenges from bulk flowing items like fruit, vegetables, pet food, seafood, granola and other cereals.
  • Eagle Pipeline inspects and rejects piped product before further processing and packaging. With a rugged stainless steel construction, the Pipeline design promotes systematic product flow at various pipe diameters and reduces the risk of downstream contaminants that can damage equipment and pose safety problems.
  • Eagle RMI 400 allows for superior bone and contaminant detection in raw, unpackaged poultry and other meats. The x-ray machine is built to withstand challenges of harsh environments, with an innovative infeed and out-feed conveyor to reduce sanitation time while eliminating the need for radiation-shielding curtains.

Package Inspection

For the packaging phase of production, Eagle offers a range of detection tools as an extra measure of protection. Soon, Eagle will launch a new EPX100 x-ray inspection system designed for scanning packaged food products. The EPX100 system—set to be unveiled at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany in March—also is well suited for global companies who want to standardize their contaminant detection solutions across a wide variety of packaged food applications. Other advantages of this system:

  • Lower operating costs and a lower total cost of ownership
  • Greener solution for today’s sustainability-minded manufacturers
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Expanded image processing capabilities
  • Enhanced contamination detection
  • Easy access to operational components

The Question of Where and When

As Eagle develops innovative x-ray machines, our focus isn’t just on technology, but technology supported by expertise. We work with existing and potential customers to find the optimum point on the line to implement the right x-ray inspection equipment for your product line and operation. Once we evaluate your needs, we’ll show you how the x-ray inspection systems also can provide important quality checks, to gauge for missing items, determine fill level, find broken products or conduct check weighing and mass measurement.


About the author:

Carlos Roque is Head of Sales and Service for Latin America for Eagle Product Inspection. Based in Mexico City, he is responsible for product support and coordination with the Eagle’s distributor network in the region.

Carlos Roque, Head of Sales and Service for Latin America, Eagle Product Inspection

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