How X-ray Inspection Technology Helps You Succeed in An Audit

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Advanced x-ray inspection technologies help you find and remove physical contaminants, and can also help you demonstrate your ability to keep your products safe. As part of preparing for a BRCGS audit, your self-assessment can cover the optimal use of x-ray machines and software designed to help you provide safe products to your consumers. Eagle offers a range of detection technologies built to conform to safety standards, with options that are most suitable to a manufacturer’s particular product line, operation and needs.

There are a lot of moving parts to preparing for a BRCGS audit – both literally and figuratively. On the literal side, Issue 8 is very clear on the role that inspection systems play in improving food safety to receive a high audit score. The new BRCGS includes verbiage on having “appropriate procedures” in place to control the risk of physical contamination of products, including the “effective use of equipment to remove or detect foreign bodies.” Issue 8 also refers to the use of inspection equipment as part of documented controls listed in HACCP plans.

As an auditor from a BRC-recommended certification body assesses your facility for compliance, she or he will evaluate your company’s capability to find and remove physical contaminants that pose food safety risks. That evaluation will include an overall assessment of your  production line as well as the review of x-ray systems already in place at various critical control points, from the receipt of raw materials to production/processing lines to packaging lines.

Because detection systems are an integral and visible part of a company’s food safety culture – and part of the auditing process – it’s important to review your current inspection capability before an audit takes place:

  • Do you have inspection equipment, including x-ray machines, at pivotal areas in your facility?
  • Are those x-ray machines up-to-date, well-maintained and operated by trained employees?
  • Are you getting the best use out of your x-ray systems?

On that last point, users can maximize the capabilities of multi-functional x-ray machines for BRCGS certification to not only find the smallest contaminants across a range of products, but also provide greater traceability for a variety of inspected products. All Eagle systems are equipped with SimulTask™ PRO imaging software which provides real-time analytics for inspected products, as an option TraceServer™ seamlessly records the x-ray inspection processes, which in turn contributes to your ability to meet established internal quality standards. As a traceability test is conducted during BRCGS audits, this software can prove to be a powerful tool to gaining certification. With it you can quickly and easily access data and reports on inspected products, for the purposes of an audit or another food safety-related question or issue.

Eagle’s latest x-ray machines, including the Eagle EPX100 and Eagle Pack 240 HC, are examples of multi-functional systems that provide superior contaminant detection, reliable quality control checks and deliver consistent results.

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