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X-ray Inspection on High Speed Lines

The Challenge

With a growing market place and package variations increasing, cookie and biscuit manufacturers are under pressure to increase production line speed to match those producing over 300 packages per minute as an industry output standard. The true challenge is maintaining downstream equipment at this high speed, as well as efficiently running any other inspection system on the line. Contamination detection is also a concern as physical contaminants can arrive in mixtures of ingredients or reach the product during processing, creating hazardous products that could potentially reach customers. Furthermore, proper portioning or locating broken and damaged cookies can be highly problematic and difficult for cookie manufacturers to locate with standard checkweighers, metal detectors or even vision systems.

The Solution

X-ray inspection equipment is capable of foreign body detection, as well as portion or product damage inspection and is not affected by speed variations on a production line, eliminating the need for multiple product inspection machines. The Eagle™ Tall PRO XS specifically helps manufacturers of cookies packaged in plastic cups because it is designed for upright products at high line speeds, delivering a simultaneous check for physical contamination, mass measurement, seal integrity and component count By combining SimulTask™ PRO analyzing software, higher quality images are produced and detection for each plastic cup on a line is much more accurate and provides enhanced x-ray contaminant detection. With multiple x-ray inspection capabilities and real-time image analysis, production line changeover is reduced and quality output increased with the Tall PRO XS solution.

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