Pumped Product Inspection

The Challenge

Pumped food processors for ground meat, slurries, liquids or other raw food ingredients can have difficultly detecting contaminants with conventional metal detectors. Depending on the ingredients, the magnetic fields that find foreign objects could be adversely affected by salt content and moisture. Non-ferrous metals and non-metal physical contaminants cannot be detected at all because they do not have magnetic properties. Any of these dangerous contaminants could make their way through a production line without ever being detected and could potentially damage machinery or worse make it all the way to the consumer.

The Solution

With the Eagle™ Pipeline, foreign body detection for pumped products is simplified and much more efficient by using x-ray inspection systems to detect hazardous contaminants. Because x-ray does not rely on the use of magnetic fields for detection, it has a wider contaminant detection capability and strengthens food quality inspection by catching materials such as dense plastic, glass shards or calcified bone at the beginning of the production line. In addition to x-ray detection, product can pass through damage-free because Eagle Pipeline’s inspection manifold has the same internal area as the actual pipeline so there is no additional pressure on the product as it passes through. It can also discard faulty product by use of various reject mechanisms creating a cost-effective process to ensure safer products down the line.