X-ray Inspection of Sliced Cheese Packets

The Challenge

Sliced cheese manufacturers must overcome numerous production line challenges to ensure that each individual sliced cheese packet meets retailer’s and customer standards.

  • Foreign body contaminant detection in individual sliced cheese packets
  • Identifying packets with trapped cheese product in seals
  • Individual packet weight verification
  • Detecting broken or missing product with in sliced cheese packets

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 240 PRO is powered by SimulTask™ PRO advancing imaging software, simultaneously performs multiple quality control checks at high line speeds with accuracy and precision. It has x-ray inspection capabilities such as contaminant detection for metal, stone, glass and some plastics or rubber compounds as well as locating broken or damaged product within individual packets, identifying packets with cheese product trapped in seals and much more!

For complete specifications on this product type, download the application note.