SimulTask™ PRO X-ray Image Analysis Software for Meat and Poultry Inspection

SimulTask™ PRO advanced x-ray image analysis software for meat and poultry inspection is a customizable solution that processes exceptional high-resolution greyscale images with 65,535 values per image. This sophisticated x-ray image analysis software provides superior inspection and multitasking capabilities for meat and poultry products.

See subtle product composition differences in applications such as:

  • Bone detection in chicken breasts
  • Shape verification for ground meat and chicken patties
  • Coating verification for chicken nuggets
  • Fat Analysis for ground meat
  • Clip detection in dried meats
  • Void detection for meat patties
  • And more!

By combining SimulTask™ PRO with best-in-class physical machine design and the generator and detector configuration to meet your detection needs, you get the best solution for superior x-ray inspection results for your meat and poultry line. Download the brochure to find out how.