Reducing Risks from Food Safety Hazards with X-ray Inspection

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Reduce physical contaminants at CCP’s

To say product safety is of top concern for food manufacturers is an understatement. In 2019 alone, there were 600 million food safety illnesses and injuries on a global scale mostly from four main food safety hazards including biological, chemical, allergenic and physical.

Find out how to best combat these four safety hazards and mitigate risks on your production line. Also, learn how advanced x-ray inspection technology can help reduce physical contamination at critical control points, ensure accurate inline quality control checks and ease daily sanitation of production line equipment, lessening the potential of foodborne bacteria.

Discover the benefits x-ray food inspection systems can bring to your line by battling product contamination on various levels, safeguarding both your customers and brand reputation. Click to download the infographic today!

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