Reject Management System Maximizer RMI

Eagle’s MAXIMIZER RMI is designed to handle a variety of raw poultry products to detect and reject chicken product contaminated with bone, metal or other foreign objects. The x-ray bone detection system is designed for easy cleaning in harsh washdown environments for fresh or frozen poultry where daily sanitization of equipment is mandatory.

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Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI
X-ray Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI Front
X-ray Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI Side
Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI Front
Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI
Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI
X-ray Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI Front
X-ray Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI Side
Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI Front
Chicken Bone Detection System Maximizer RMI

Experience the Future of Chicken Bone Inspection

The MAXIMIZER RMI is an innovative solution designed to optimize the production process for poultry products including chicken processing operations, saving time, resources, and reducing manual labor related to handling rejected products. Our system combines an enhanced x-ray inspection machine equipped with PXT™, and an automated reject management system, providing superior chicken bone and metal detection while greatly minimizing false rejects. This poultry x-ray bone detection system has a small footprint and is the most hygienic and ergonomic on the market today. Our Eagle x-ray system is purpose-built to effortlessly disassemble and assemble making sanitation quick and easy.


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  • Inspection Coverage

    400 mm wide at the belt, 330 mm wide at the top of aperture; 70 mm overall height

  • Inspection Modes

    SimulTask™ 4 PRO standard inspection modes include bone and metal, glass, stone or plastic contaminants, and mass measurement

  • User Interface & Operating System

    15″ TFT color touch screen; 250 GB memory; Windows 10 with Eagle SimulTask™ 4 PRO Control & Imaging Software; TeamViewer™ service tool for remote machine diagnostics & product set-up services

  • Conveyor Size

    System infeed and return conveyors: 457 mm (18″), X-ray machine conveyor: 470 mm (18.5″), Reject mechanism conveyor: 483 mm (19″)

  • Reject Mechanism

    Dual lane retracting nose reject requires 24 VDC signal only, 5.5 bar (80 psi), 3/8” (9.5 mm) line, dry & filtered air supply

  • Speed Range

    10 – 50 MPM (33-164 FPM) , subject to generator & detector used, product type & dimensions

  • X-ray Power

    84kV @ 5mA maximum, adjustable to optimize inspection performance for each product set-up

  • Detector Resolution

    PXT™ Performance X-ray Technology

  • Communication

    (2) USB 2.0 ports, (1) Ethernet 10/100/1000 mbps port, (1) RS232 serial port; (1) Ethernet-IP Fieldbus interface port optional

  • IP Rating & Machine Finish

    IP69 Standard; Type 304 Stainless Steel, #4 surface finish less than 32u-inch RA. Designed to NAMI Sanitary Standards; NSF / ANSI / 3A 14159-1 and 3.

  • Radiation Safety

    Single beam; x-ray emissions <1 μS/hr; compliant to 21 CFR 1020.40, 21 CFR 179.21, EURATOM EU nationalized standards

  • Electrical Safety

    (6) E-Stops, LOTO Main Disconnect, Category 3 (EN954), PLd (EN13849) safety circuit with system visualization via the X-ray machine user interface

  • Thermal Management

    Waterless Air Conditioner; Water Cooled Heat Exchanger option

  • Operating Range

    A/C operating range 0°C to 24°C (32°F to 75°F)0°C; Cooled Heat Exchanger 40°C (32°F to 104°F); 25% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing

  • Power Requirements

    X-ray machine: 230 VAC + 10% – 4% single phase 50/60 Hz, 16A Fused; System: 230 VAC +/- 10% single phase 50/60 Hz, 16A Fused

  • Options & Accessories

    Single or multilane operation, various system configurations include rework station, operator platforms, reject options , line height, belt lifters and throughput lanes. TraceServer software, Ethernet-IP Fieldbus interface, and remote user interface

Eagle’s Industries

Eagle Product Inspection’s x-ray systems are capable of solving a wide variety of product safety and quality control issues for many different industries.


From raw chicken breasts or tenderloins to turkey legs and thighs, Eagle x-ray machines can be installed at many different critical control points (CCPs) on your poultry plants production line, for enhanced bone detection, safety, strengthened quality control and improved processes for either single or multilane processing lines.


Advanced seafood inspection systems from Eagle PI, including our enhanced dual energy PXT™ detector technologies, help seafood manufacturers inspect more and catch more to ensure you are delivering superior quality while optimizing your business performance.

Advanced X-ray Inspection Technologies

Enhanced Dual Energy
Dual Energy Technology
SimulTask™ PRO
PXT™ Dual Energy Technology

Enhanced Dual Energy

Dual Energy Technology

Dual Energy Technology

Image Analysis Software

SimulTask™ PRO

Centralized Database


Accelerate Production & Boost Throughput

This system features dual lanes that run up to 120 pieces per minute per lane and the reject review station is expandable to meet production needs. With up to 6 trimmers all working simultaneously, more products are inspected and processed in less time,
maximizing output.

RMI 400

The x-ray machine delivers superior bone and contaminant detection. It is a hygienically constructed machine built to overcome the material handling challenges of inspecting raw or unpackaged poultry.

PXT™ Dual Energy

Built into this system is the new standard in dual energy x-ray inspection, PXT™ (Performance X-ray Technology), that can detect smaller, low density foreign materials including the smallest bone fragments in the industry−greatly reducing false reject rates and optimizing product output.

Complete Systems

Our x-ray machines are at the heart of a complete system solution. Our technologies deliver the industry’s highest level of inline, automated bone and metal detection while simultaneously performing quality and product integrity checks.

Unique Features to to Maximize Production Efficiencies

MAXIMIZE INSPECTION detection of low calcified bones and lower density polymers

MAXIMIZE THROUGHPUT reduce bottlenecks and optimize the production line

MAXIMIZE PROFITABILITY helping poultry processors boost their bottom line

MAXIMIZE PROUCT SAFETY minimize the risk of contaminated products entering the market

MAXIMIZE PRODUCTION targeted product rejection minimizes unnecessary product review

MAXIMIZE SANITATION effortless disassemble and assemble

MAXIMIZE Yields short reject stroke ensures minimal unnecessary rejected product

MAXIMIZE DETECTION accurate detection ensures low false reject rate

EAGLE’S X-ray Capabilities

Bone Detection

Find and reject harmful chicken bone fragments, 1 mm or less, in various poultry applications.

Metal Detection

Capable of metal detection including stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a broad range of applications.

Dual Energy Inspection

Enhances traditional x-ray inspection and allows for the detection of materials previously unseen by single energy x-ray.

Contaminant Detection

Superior x-ray inspection technology provides outstanding detection of physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape or location within a product.

Mass Measurement

Mass and weight measurement with x-ray technology provides an additional layer of process control and due diligence to ensure a high-quality.

Eagle’s Support

In addition to providing industry-leading technology and unparalleled reliability, Eagle provides highly-responsive support and service coverage globally, through a network of expert partners, supported by a core team of regionally-based Eagle experts.

Eagle Support Services

What Our Customers Say

“We were very impressed with Eagle’s on-site service. The team adjusted the equipment to meet our needs perfectly.”
 Iglo Food Group
Mr. Arno Strotmann Project Manager
“The x-ray’s software program is very intuitive. It’s simple to set up and program. I learned a great deal from Eagle’s service department on how to run the machine and appreciate their know-how, availability 24/7 and professionalism.”
Tim Pheland Process Engineer
“Quality is key for us. Now, thanks to the Eagle Bulk 415 PRO we can totally say our products are contaminant free and we truly believe this will let us keep growing and exploring new markets.”
 Higos El Pajarero
Mrs. Fuensanta Carrillo Sales and Marketing Manager, Higos El Pajarero
“When first presented with the idea of inspecting our products using x-ray inspection systems, we doubted that it could help us to improve and assure the quality of their products; now it is a fundamental part inside of our system of quality.”
Ramiro Espinoza Kowi’s Plant Director
“Going forward, any new inspection systems or upgrades to current inspection technologies will be x-ray inspection systems, they are extremely reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.”
Merrily Blasi Quality Assurance Manager
“These machines do an excellent job of looking for and pinpointing any foreign matter, with instant and easy-to-use metal detection capabilities. And they can be taught and programmed to identify other unwanted substances by measuring product density. ”
 Unilever Canada
Galen Sienicki Factory Director
“The Eagle x-ray machine has resulted in a dramatic reduction of bones in our boneless products—basically down to zero. By purchasing a dual-lane system, we’re able to double our output, or run different products at the same time.”
 Giannone Poultry
Bruno Giannone Vice-President and CEO
“We chose Eagle’s Pack 430 PRO because of the machine’s software capabilities – in particular, the multitask features which offered more options, compared to competitors’ machines, such as checkweighing.”
 Schuman Cheese
Vincent Angiolillo VP Engineering and R&D Strategic Initiatives, Schuman Cheese, Inc.

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