The Eagle TraceServer™ x-ray software program records valuable production data and machine status information from one or more of Eagle’s x-ray machines and consolidates it into a single centralized database.

TraceServer™ is scalable to meet your company’s needs and can connect up to 32 Eagle x-ray machines at once, making product traceability effortless. TraceServer™ software seamlessly records the x-ray inspection processes, which in turn contributes to your ability to meet established internal quality standards. It can access data from customer-provided programs using standard SQL application interfaces, consolidating valuable information into one centralized database. By tracking production through every stage, this intelligent software provides companies with due-diligence capabilities to enhance product traceability and overall quality assurance.


The TraceServer™ Package contains the following components:

  • TraceServer™ Admin: An administrative application to configure the TraceServer™ , its dashboard delivers vital machine status indicators and log messages from multiple machines that can be viewed remotely by Operations, Maintenance and Quality personnel to ensure product traceability and quality standards.
  • TraceViewer™: A standard software application which enables users to print and export critical information from a centralized database.
  • PostgreSQL/MS-SQL: A centralized database management system used by TraceServer™ to store production data.

Scalable to meet your needs – up to 32 Eagle machines!