Eagle Product Inspection Showcases Advanced Inspection Capabilities at the IPPE 2019

December 13, 2018

To address meat and poultry processors’ need for optimal efficiency and accuracy in ensuring product safety and quality, Eagle Product Inspection is highlighting advanced inspection technologies at IPPE 2019. Eagle’s display in Booth B6001 includes systems for raw and unpackaged products as well as packaged meat and poultry items.

At a time of increasingly stringent global and national standards for food safety, the Eagle RMI 400 for raw, unpackaged meat and poultry provides superior bone and contaminant detection in harsh washdown environments with strict sanitation and hygiene requirements. The machine is designed to come into contact with fewer surfaces through an innovative inclined infeed and outfeed conveyor, which also eliminates the need for radiation-shielding curtains.

For red meat processors seeking ways to determine chemical lean (CL) measurement to better than +/- 1CL accuracy of all meat, Eagle’s FA3/M x-ray machine on display at IPPE provides inline fat measurement and analysis, protein and moisture calculations, overall mass measurement and contaminant detection by using Eagle’s exclusive Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology.

Processors looking to assure the quality and integrity of packaged products can see the new Eagle Pack 240 HC in action. The Pack 240 HC, a compact high performance x-ray inspection system designed for easy cleaning in harsh wash-down environments for packaged meat, poultry, dairy and other food applications where daily sanitation of equipment is mandatory. The machine provides superior x-ray performance and can detect foreign bodies in a variety of package formats, including chubs, over wrapped trays, pouches, cartons, tubs, cups or plastic containers.

“Eagle’s advanced inspection systems use the latest technologies in design, construction and software to deliver the accuracy, versatility, speed and hygiene. Our deep understanding of the meat and poultry industry has led us to develop x-ray systems designed for processors’ unique applications,” says Christy Draus, Marketing Manager for Eagle Product Inspection. “Performance, innovation and know-how are key in ensuring these x-ray machines will help them maximize efficiencies in both the short-term and long-term.”

Don’t miss the innovative x-ray and fat analysis technology at the IPPE Booth B6001.