Eagle™ RMI 400

The Eagle RMI 400 x-ray inspection machine is designed to NAMI standards, specifically for the meat, poultry and seafood industries where daily sanitation and hygiene requirements are stringent to deliver superior bone and contaminant detection.

With Eagle’s PXT™ detector technology, the RMI 400 is capable of detecting bone fragments down to 1 mm in poultry. See it for yourself and SIGN UP FOR A VIRTUAL DEMO!

Learn more about our new PXT™ technology and visit our virtual resource hub.

Hygienically constructed to sanitary design, this system overcomes the material handling challenges of inspecting raw, unpackaged poultry, seafood and other meats. To reduce the number of surfaces product comes into contact, the RMI 400 incorporates innovative inclined infeed and out-feed conveyor which eliminate the need for radiation shielding curtains reducing time needed for sanitation cleaning. It also has an easy-to-remove belt for faster and more efficient washdown‒keeping production lines running longer for optimum output.

With the RMI 400 your production line can benefit from:

  • Unparalleled detection
  • Lower false rejects
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Easy one-time calibration

By combining powerful SimulTask™ PRO imaging software with a user-friendly touchscreen, the RMI 400 inspects for small contaminants such as:


Additional features and benefits include:

  • Optional PXT™ detector technology which provides superior inline detection of bones for poultry applications down to 1 mm
  • Robust, hygienic construction with IP69 rating, purpose-built for the poultry and meat industries to NAMI standards; EHEDG standards; NSF / ANSI / 3A 14159-1 and 3
  • Easy one-time calibration, no daily calibration needed
  • Simple disassembly and reassembly in only a few minutes for thorough sanitation, quick belt change-out and maximum production uptime
  • Unobstructed sightlines and contoured surfaces minimize potential material harborage areas which allow for fast and convenient visual inspection during cleaning
  • Blue homogeneous food-grade urethane non-wicking friction belt
  • Eagle Repository™ allows convenient review of production statistics, rejected and manually-saved images through the user interface. Information can be transferred to a PC or network via USB memory stick, with statistics and reports viewable using a standard internet browser.
  • TraceServer™ option manages critical inspection data remotely on a PC or Network database.
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