Eagle Product Inspection to Demonstrate Versatile Systems for the Redefined Marketplace at PACK EXPO

July 12, 2021

It’s a decidedly different operating environment since the last industry trade shows were held. To help today’s manufacturers get the versatility, performance and automation they need, Eagle Product Inspection is showcasing its latest solutions and technologies at PACK EXPO 2021, Sept. 27-29 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At Eagle’s Booth (C-1506), visitors can see x-ray systems equipped with the latest detector technologies and designed for easy cleaning in harsh wash-down environments. This year, Eagle will be running two high performance x-ray systems used for packaged meat, poultry, dairy and other food applications where daily sanitation is required:

Eagle Pack 240 HC will be set up for a chub package configuration at PACK EXPO. In addition to ground beef, other processed meats like salami and bologna can be run through this machine, which conducts important checks for both safety and quality. Among other functions, the Pack 240 HC inspects product dimensions and ensures the correct count and placement of metal clips.

Eagle Pack 400 HC, with a 400 mm belt, is designed to run a variety of fresh meat and dairy products, including larger packages of meats and cheeses and multiple containers of yogurt, sour cream or ricotta cheese. Like the Pack 240 HC, the Pack 400 HC features a sanitary design for easy washdown and no buildup of debris.

Both the Eagle Pack 240 HC and Pack 400 HC are equipped with Eagle’s breakthrough PXT™ detector technology. First introduced in 2020 for superior bone detection in poultry and now available for other food applications, PXT has proven effective in finding bones in seafood and in items such as prepared meals packaged in bowls.

In addition to seeing these systems in operation at Eagle’s booth, PACK EXPO attendees can bring product samples with them to test on the machines while there. “It’s a great opportunity for live test runs,” said Ken Falk, Regional Sales Manager for Eagle Product Inspection.

According to Falk, the pandemic spurred a variety of product line additions and updates and highlighted the importance of versatile automated systems. “In COVID-19 times, a lot of our customers went through changes, frequently switching from larger commercial packaging to smaller consumer-sized packaging, as restaurant and hotels were closed and demand for smaller products increased. Advanced-x-ray systems gave them the ability to inspect new and different products in a seamless way,” he said. In addition, more co-packers began using x-ray inspection as a safety and quality verification tool as their businesses grew during the pandemic.

“Looking ahead, even as some trends are shifting again, we still see a strong need for flexibility. Eagle’s x-ray machines, including the Pack 240 HC and Eagle Pack 400 HC and others, help users easily switch from one product to another,” Falk remarked. “Agility will continue to be a priority.”

Learn more about Eagle’s advanced inspection systems at https://www.eaglepi.com/.